Reaper Mangos Mod 4651, Scriptdev2 151 AHBot with JailPatch and Unified Database

Just as i said before, that i’ve decided to also release Mangos that is using additional patches based on suggestions made by various commenters here :) … And unlike my other release that is designed to those who prefer to stay out of the trouble, this one is designed to those who already know how mangos work and such stuff … so if this is the first time you’re using Mangos, i’d suggest you to grab the normal version instead or if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, you can try this one ;)

But first as a reminder that this Release only work with WoW 2.2.3 Client, and tested with TBC Expansion Pack installed, but to those who doesn’t have TBC Expansion pack installed, you can disable it by editing the mangosd.conf to disable expansion map


Reaper Mangos 4651, ScriptDev2 151 with Project Silvermoon and Unified Database

Time for another Mangos release again :D … and this time, instead of creating one mangos release, i have decided to also release my other compiled mangos release which is using Auction House Bot and Jail Patch that is designed to those who love to try out something new in their mangos server or in other words, a more experienced mangos user :)

but let’s keep that aside shall we ? because i’m going to write that one on that post release and in this post i’m only going to give you some intruction on how to get your private wow server running using the pure / clean compiled mangos without any additional patches included


Mangos 4629, ScriptDev2 150 with Silvermoon 18.5 and UDB 0.8 323 support 2.2.3

Another Mangos release time, and this time i choose to include two database again (Unified Database 0.8.0 Changesets 323 and Project Silvermoon 18.5) unlike my previous Mangos 4602 release so you can choose which database you like best :)

Other than that, in this new release it’ll only support WoW 2.2.3 Client only because Mangos has officially support the 2.2.3 client (which mean there won’t be any er. So to those who are still using the old WoW 2.1.3 client, you’ll need to upgrade your WoW client first into patch 2.2.3 :)


Creating 2 Realmd using WoW Mangos Private Server

Some people have requested a guide on how to create or link their WoW Private server realmd so their users can choose whatever realmd they want to login to (for example, the first realmd is the PVP World, while the second realmd is to those who prefer normal world) :) … and that’s why i decided to create this guide, and hopefully it’ll be not confusing (i tried my best to make it easy to understand but you judge it by yourself) :)

So here goes the guide :

1. Have lots of free memory / RAM left for best result (i’m using 3GB DDR2 Dual Channel RAM)
2. Mangos already worked and you can use it before trying to attempt this ;)

Note : Depending on which mangos revision you’re using the realmd column might be different (if you’re using my 4602 version then you can just use the same sql query as shown in this example)

4 Things to do after creating your first Website / Blog ever

So you just finished registering your own domain name for the first time ever, and you got yourself a good web hosting company and already created / use some custom themes for your website. But you’re confused on what you should do next in order to get your website listed on various search engines and in the end you’ll get some nice traffic from those search engines ? or even better you could make money from it ?


Mangos 4602, ScriptDev2 145 with Unified Database 0.7.5 CS319 work with WoW 2.1.3 to 2.2.3

Time for another Mangos release again :) … this time the Mangos revision used is 4602 with ScriptDev2 145, and as a warning that although you can play it using WoW Client version 2.2.x (such as WoW 2.2.0, 2.2.2, and 2.2.3), but it’s still not officially supported, so expect something to behave strange for example, hidden teleport in Orgrimmar when you are using WoW 2.2.x client. Although there’s already a fix for it, but since i prefer to distribute a clean compiled version without adding custom patch (such as database, script, mangos core), i decided not to include it :)


Why you shouldn’t trust screenshots showing online earning report

Wondering why you shouldn’t trust any screenshot (note: screenshot is not a photo of you with your check of course) that shows you a screenshot about someone else earning report (in this case online income report) … such as from their affiliate earnings report, adsense report, etc ? The answer is simply because they can always create a fake screenshot about their online earning report

Want to see an example? Here’s what a perfect adsense report look like


Winamp 5.5 just got better

WinampSo today i just upgrade my previously installed Winamp 5.35 into Winamp 5.5 and guess what ? i think the Winamp team has improved the Winamp skins considerably. Back then when Winamp 3 was launched it introduces us to their new skinning engine which was more powerful than the previous 2.x series, but the problem is … it take too many of your system resources which is not that great considering most people only use Winamp to listen to their favorite songs (even lots of my friends doesn’t really use Winamp 3 skins type anyway)