Finally reached 1.000.000 Page views

Wheee finally today 18 September (actually it’s 19 September in my local time) this website finally reached 1.000.000 Page views (to be exact 1.002.150 Page Views recorded) according to my Google Analytics account (after 1 year, 1 month and 3 days)

While for some people this number can be considered as normal, but if it’s for me … of course i’m really delighted for it because i just never thought that i would reached this amount (beside i never dreamed about it before) … and that’s all thanks to WordPress. Because if i didn’t create my first blog ever in their free service, there’s no way this site exists (except there’s someone else buying this domain name at the first place)


Google Adsense for Mobile now available

Google just recently announced the new adsense for mobile format to those who’s running a mobile website. Here are some excerpts taken from the Google Press Center :

AdSense for Mobile is intended for AdSense partners who have created websites specifically for mobile browsers, and who want to monetize their mobile content via contextual advertising. Like Google’s other AdSense products, mobile text ads run on an auction model. The system automatically reviews the content of publishers’ mobile websites and delivers text ads that are relevant to the websites’ audience and content. Publishers earn money whenever mobile users click on the ads.


Using WGet on Windows

Just in case you’re like me that can’t trust free download manager anymore or just want a little program that can resume your download at later time and doesn’t use many resources .. i’d suggest you to use WGet for Windows

To start off there are few links to where you can grab WGet for Windows (feel free to choose)

  1. Christopher Lewis Wget Page
  2. GNUWin32 Wget Package
  3. Bpuype Wget File

Personally i’m using Christopher’s Visual Studio Project file combined with Wget source code from it’s SVN repository because i want to make some adjustment for my specific needs

Anyway, i assume you’ve downloaded your WGet files, and already extracted it somewhere in your harddrive. The next step would be, adding your WGet path into Windows Environment Variables Path, so you can access it easily from anywhere

How to hide affiliate links using htaccess

Today i’m going to tell you on how to hide your affiliate links or any other links you want to hide (see the right sidebar of this site) using a simple htaccess redirect trick, just in case you didn’t know about it, and of course i’ve only tested this on Apache HTTP Server only (Windows and Linux version) so if you’re using any other webserver to serve your webpages … i’m quite sure that this trick is not going to work, and you’ll have to use some redirect script to do it

But as a side note, this redirect trick (or any other redirect trick using php, etc) may or may not working especially if your site mostly visited by tech savvy users even if the affiliate website itself didn’t show your referal link, because they can always see it through the HTTP header


How to protect wp-admin directory using htaccess

If pretty sure most of you who use WordPress knows that there are 1 important directory and 1 important files that can be accessed by anyone (assuming that you don’t have any plugins that record, disallow them from being accessed) called wp-admin and wp-login.php. And if you’ve been wondering on how to prevent / restrict access to that directory to yourself only, perhaps this simple guide can help you with that

Here’s the code that you should be copy paste to your root .htaccess file (where wp-login.php exist). And also as a note, i didn’t put any IfModule check here, so if you get 500 Internal Server Error after putting below code to your .htaccess file that means your hosting doesn’t allow you to use mod_rewrite. But if you’re able to use custom permalink on your WordPress site, that means mod_rewrite is enabled so you can use below code without problem ALSO this is designed for one man site only (in other words you block access from everyone else other than you to your WordPress dashboard), so make sure to adjust it accordingly if you allowed anyone else

# Redirect wp-admin and wp-login to specified address if not from specific ip
# Btw you're free to add additional directory as you see fit
# Note: This'll break your site if you have plugins/themes that depend on accessing admin-ajax.php
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} wp-login|wp-admin
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^123.456.789.
RewriteRule . [R,L]

# Or .. if you prefer to return 404 Not found instead of redirecting it, use below code instead
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} wp-login.php|wp-admin
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^123.456.789.
RewriteRule . - [R=404,L]

As an added bonus, because most webhosting enable autoindex by default (that can allow other to browse your directory structure if you don’t have index file defined), i’d suggest you to add below code to your .htaccess too