WoW Mangos 4524 modified to work with WoW 2.1.3 and 2.2

Another WoW Mangos Release time … basically this release is to those who’s prefer to stick with their WoW 2.2 Client and not planning on reverting to the previous 2.1.3 patch. And i’ve only done a small modification so that it’ll accept the 2.1.3 and 2.2 client only. But as a note, 2.2 is still not officially supported yet by the Mangos team (and i don’t know when it’ll be fully supported). So if you found any errors message when used on 2.2 client you just need to be patience :P

As an addition, from this release i’ve decided to stick with only 1 release that contain the full database dump (because of my slow connection), but to those who’s already using my previous wow mangos 4488 and mangos 4505 compilation, you don’t need to worry about it because you can also upgrade from your previous version without problem ;)

One more thing, the batch files i’ve created is only tested on Windows XP SP2 … i haven’t tried it on Vista yet, so to those who’s running Vista perhaps could give it a test and tell me is it working for Vista too or not :)

Update : If you’ve just upgraded into 2.2.2 recently, and not planning on reverting your wow installation to 2.1.3 or 2.2 … you can try my new Mangos 4535 Release (ScriptDev2 137, extracted DBC from WoW 2.2.2)

Just like before … here are the download link :

# Modified Mangos 4524, ScriptDev2 136, Project Silvermoon Database Rev 18 | Megaupload

# Modified Mangos 4524, ScriptDev2 136, Project Silvermoon Database Rev 18 | Rapidshare

Okay … and here are the steps to use it :

Requirements :

1. MySQL : Look at my previous post more info about installing mysql

2. .NET Runtime 2 or other files that is related to your system (if you get error message saying that MSVCx.dll can’t be found or missing runtime … you just need to go to Microsoft website to download it … although this is a rare case but it seems that some people experiencing this issue)

Upgrading from Previous Version :

1. Extract the archive somewhere in your harddisk for example C:\reaper-mangos-R4524 and then go to reaper-eazy-mangos directory

2. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat and choose the option to backup your data and wait until the process finished

3. After finished with the backup process, then you’ll be at the menu screen once again … and this time you just need to choose Installation from the menu … and wait

4. Now you just need to choose Restore, to restore your character data …

5. Now for the last step … you just need to choose the Mangos Config Editor from the menu and adjust it accordingly (especially at the datadir to point to the previous data directory location) … and you’re done

That is Omega and Ultima

Fresh WoW Mangos Install :

Note : All tools located in tools directory

1. Copy all files inside the MapExtractor Directory into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft (this is the default installation path for World of Warcraft) and then run the extract-map.bat

2. Copy all files inside VmapExtractAssembler into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft and run makevmaps_SIMPLE.bat … and wait again until it finished

3. Copy all files inside DBC Extractor into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS … and run the extract.bat … and wait until it finished

Note : in order to use DBC Extractor you’ll need to have Microsoft .NET 2 Runtime (search the microsoft website for it)

4. Move vmaps, maps, and dbc folder from your World of Warcraft game directory into C:\reaper-mangos-R4524\data (create folder named data first)

the rest is just the same like the upgrade process with the exception, you don’t need to choose to backup or restore your data

And after finished everything as specified in the upgrade process, you just need to run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe and add your own username by typing create blabla blabla as shown on below image :)

Creating Account in mangos

As a bonus, i’ve also added a realmlist ip changer (in the menu) so those who’s having problem with configuring their realmlist to be accessible from LAN, can use it to make things easier ;)

Special Note to WoW 2.2 Users :

If you previously haven’t extracted the DBC files, maps and vmaps files from your WoW 2.1.3 client, and you get an error message saying that Patch-enUS-2.MPQ can’t be found … you can just safely ignore that error message

I’ve tested the 2.2 Client with this modified 4524 Mangos and everything seems to work fine (but perhaps that’s just me since i never played on official server) except that you’ll see lots of message on your mangosd window

And of course that’s because 2.2 is still not supported yet by Mangos … but to those who’s running wow 2.1.3 all i can say is … everything seems to be good and you won’t see message that’s only get shown when running the WoW 2.2 client ;)

here’s a screenshot taken using WoW 2.2 :

WoW 2.2 Test

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245 comments on “WoW Mangos 4524 modified to work with WoW 2.1.3 and 2.2

  1. Hi Reaper :DD i get the same error like every1 else

    Maps/0004331.maps not found? What works? everything else went like planned and then i try to create an account.. Map not found..

    Tulla :o)

  2. i’ve been trying to run the mangos, but also got the error that didn’t locate the
    But i’ve checked it and it’s on the folder. Already attempted to change the backslash and didn’t got it either…Do i need to try to download de wow 2.1.3 so it can work or what am i doing wrong…
    Can someone help me?

  3. trying to extract VMaps again… it takes time its probbably millions of lines passing my… (lol)
    But when it stops it says its running vmap_assembler
    it stands still for like Forever is it soposed to work and u cant se its working?

  4. yes you have to put the last \ after data in your .conf file
    so it should look like
    DataDir = “D:\Program Files\reaper-mangos-R4524\data\”
    try that if it still cant find the file re-run the .bat files for maps and vmaps i know that takes a while but hey it happens

  5. So some people are saying reverse the address backslashes to forward slashes to get it to work?

    So out of desperation I manually edited “mangosd.conf” bottom line from this:

    DataDir = “D:\Program Files\reaper-mangos-R4524\data\”

    To this:

    DataDir = “D:/Program Files/reaper-mangos-R4524/data/”

    The error that produces is as follows:

    2007-10-01 17:54:31 ERROR:Could not find vmap file ‘D:/Program Files/reaper-mangos-R4524/data/vmaps/001_33_39.vmdir’
    2007-10-01 17:54:31 ERROR:Correct *.map files not found in path ‘D:/Program Files/reaper-mangos-R4524/data/maps’ or *.vmap/*vmdir files in ‘D:/Program Files/reaper-mangos-R4524/data/vmaps’. Please place *.map/*.vmap/*.vmdir files in appropriate directories or correct the DataDir value in the mangosd.conf file.

    Trying the following:

    DataDir = “D:\Program Files\reaper-mangos-R4524\data”
    DataDir = “D:/Program Files/reaper-mangos-R4524/data”

    (Note I removed the last “/”) the error remains the same.

    Seriously, does anyone see where I am going wrong with this?

  6. i have a question every time i try to redo the makevmaps_simple it makes a building file where doe’s that go it that put of the missing file pleaseeee help its hard when you got 6 11 year olds that want to play sorry guys ty for any help you give me

  7. I’ve been trying to install the Wow Mangos 4524 from scratch in the Wow 2.2. however when i got to the part to run the reaper-x-mangos, in the instalation part it gives a message saying that :

    mysql is not recognized as valid command
    (i have installed the mysql and tested id in the prompt already and it seems to be working)

    If u guys could help me!

  8. Thanks again Reaper! This is great stuff.

    However, anyone else getting the following in their error log?

    2007-10-01 08:50:25 Creature (Entry: 23157) have non-existed modelId_A (0)
    2007-10-01 08:50:25 Creature (Entry: 23157) have non-existed modelId_H (0)
    2007-10-01 08:50:25 >> Loaded 0 SpellScriptTarget from `spell_script_target`. DB table `spell_script_target` is empty.

    Amazing that’s all I got this time. It just keeps getting better. :)

  9. Hi reaper-x,

    Could you help me.. I try to produce a batch file or little app to extract an accoutn from my server… to put it on my usb-key and bring it with me when I play on some other server…

    I think it’s possible to do this because the character are all in the mysql DB… so with some SELECT we could produce a SQL file.. but I don’t know the DB enought to know what to extract…


  10. ty guys i did that and now i got this 2007-10-01 06:04:30 World Database:;3306;mangos;mangos;mangos
    2007-10-01 06:04:30 Login Database:;3306;mangos;mangos;realmd
    2007-10-01 06:04:30 Realm running as realm ID 1
    2007-10-01 06:04:30 Using unknown world database.
    2007-10-01 06:04:30 Using DataDir D:\Program Files
    2007-10-01 06:04:30 WORLD: VMap support included. LineOfSight:1, getHeight:1
    2007-10-01 06:04:30 WORLD: VMap data directory is: D:\Program Files
    2007-10-01 06:04:30 WORLD: VMap config keys are: vmap.enableLOS, vmap.enableHeight, vmap.ignoreMapIds, vmap.ignoreSpellIds
    2007-10-01 06:04:30 ERROR:Check existing of map file ‘D:\Program Files
    eaper-mangos-R4524\data/maps/’: not exist!
    2007-10-01 06:04:30 ERROR:Correct *.map files not found in path ‘D:\Program Files
    eaper-mangos-R4524\data/maps’ or *.vmap/*vmdir files in ‘D:\Program Files
    eaper-mangos-R4524\data/vmaps’. Please place *.map/*.vmap/*.vmdir files in appropriate directories or correct the DataDir value in the mangosd.conf file. note i tryed doing the cnage of the fold name and then it would not work pleasee help thank god i love kids

  11. i tried Extracting again but still doesent work…
    But atleast i got the server running ^^…

    Now i only have 1 question.. how to add\make custom items? :P

  12. thanks for the feedback, i’ve tried a new sql instance to see if that would work, and now its saying that it can start the service, i get error 0, could this be why mangos can’t get it going, because i’m pointing it to the right dir. if so, any ideas why it won’t start.

    also, if it helps, i was running 2.2, reverted back to 2.0 and then updated to 2.1.3, however i still got the error that you noted about 2.2 with the “missing” file, and to ignore it.

    sorry i’m a bit of a noob at this

  13. corrected my error some of the patches didnt load properly so i waited till this morning and repatched my wow

  14. # Bernardo

    Actually at 4488 i forgot to enable vmaps by default (later since 4505 i changed so vmaps is enabled by default)

    so the fix would be disabling vmaps to those who keep having problem with vmaps

  15. # Sykohtyk

    Where is your mysql installation directory ? you need to enter the full location of mysql.exe (where you can located that file) when prompted ;)

    # Nikolaibroxz

    Yep disabling vmaps may help you, but i’d suggest you to re-extract the vmaps again

    when you run the vmaps_simple.bat it’ll create the buildings directory and later get assembled to vmaps directory … the process to extract vmaps will be long depend on your computer specs of course

    all you have to do is just wait until there’s a message saying press any key to continue when extracting the vmaps :)

    # Mois

    Unfortunately its impossible for me to upload vmaps :( … because its file size is larger than 100MB and that’s already compressed with rar solid archive + best compression (uploading 10MB file take 30 minutes for me) .. and if i have to upload 100MB file … it’ll take a day or more for me to finish the job :(

  16. all good so far, but i’m getting the following error when i try the install option

    mysql is not recognized as an internal or external command

    any help out there??

  17. Woyay i got server working.. but i disabled vmaps…
    i opened Mangos config file and disabled vmaps then everything worked (exept vmaps ofc :P)

  18. Anyone uploaded the VMaps yet?

    It seems that most problems occur when u try and extract these files, its very hit or miss.

    I’ve tried several times now, sometimes i get none, others i get about 200-300 files.

    Not sure if i doing it wrong, but other extractions went ok.