WoW Mangos 4524 modified to work with WoW 2.1.3 and 2.2

Another WoW Mangos Release time … basically this release is to those who’s prefer to stick with their WoW 2.2 Client and not planning on reverting to the previous 2.1.3 patch. And i’ve only done a small modification so that it’ll accept the 2.1.3 and 2.2 client only. But as a note, 2.2 is still not officially supported yet by the Mangos team (and i don’t know when it’ll be fully supported). So if you found any errors message when used on 2.2 client you just need to be patience :P

As an addition, from this release i’ve decided to stick with only 1 release that contain the full database dump (because of my slow connection), but to those who’s already using my previous wow mangos 4488 and mangos 4505 compilation, you don’t need to worry about it because you can also upgrade from your previous version without problem ;)

One more thing, the batch files i’ve created is only tested on Windows XP SP2 … i haven’t tried it on Vista yet, so to those who’s running Vista perhaps could give it a test and tell me is it working for Vista too or not :)

Update : If you’ve just upgraded into 2.2.2 recently, and not planning on reverting your wow installation to 2.1.3 or 2.2 … you can try my new Mangos 4535 Release (ScriptDev2 137, extracted DBC from WoW 2.2.2)

Just like before … here are the download link :

# Modified Mangos 4524, ScriptDev2 136, Project Silvermoon Database Rev 18 | Megaupload

# Modified Mangos 4524, ScriptDev2 136, Project Silvermoon Database Rev 18 | Rapidshare

Okay … and here are the steps to use it :

Requirements :

1. MySQL : Look at my previous post more info about installing mysql

2. .NET Runtime 2 or other files that is related to your system (if you get error message saying that MSVCx.dll can’t be found or missing runtime … you just need to go to Microsoft website to download it … although this is a rare case but it seems that some people experiencing this issue)

Upgrading from Previous Version :

1. Extract the archive somewhere in your harddisk for example C:\reaper-mangos-R4524 and then go to reaper-eazy-mangos directory

2. Run the reaper-x-mangos.bat and choose the option to backup your data and wait until the process finished

3. After finished with the backup process, then you’ll be at the menu screen once again … and this time you just need to choose Installation from the menu … and wait

4. Now you just need to choose Restore, to restore your character data …

5. Now for the last step … you just need to choose the Mangos Config Editor from the menu and adjust it accordingly (especially at the datadir to point to the previous data directory location) … and you’re done

That is Omega and Ultima

Fresh WoW Mangos Install :

Note : All tools located in tools directory

1. Copy all files inside the MapExtractor Directory into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft (this is the default installation path for World of Warcraft) and then run the extract-map.bat

2. Copy all files inside VmapExtractAssembler into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft and run makevmaps_SIMPLE.bat … and wait again until it finished

3. Copy all files inside DBC Extractor into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS … and run the extract.bat … and wait until it finished

Note : in order to use DBC Extractor you’ll need to have Microsoft .NET 2 Runtime (search the microsoft website for it)

4. Move vmaps, maps, and dbc folder from your World of Warcraft game directory into C:\reaper-mangos-R4524\data (create folder named data first)

the rest is just the same like the upgrade process with the exception, you don’t need to choose to backup or restore your data

And after finished everything as specified in the upgrade process, you just need to run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe and add your own username by typing create blabla blabla as shown on below image :)

Creating Account in mangos

As a bonus, i’ve also added a realmlist ip changer (in the menu) so those who’s having problem with configuring their realmlist to be accessible from LAN, can use it to make things easier ;)

Special Note to WoW 2.2 Users :

If you previously haven’t extracted the DBC files, maps and vmaps files from your WoW 2.1.3 client, and you get an error message saying that Patch-enUS-2.MPQ can’t be found … you can just safely ignore that error message

I’ve tested the 2.2 Client with this modified 4524 Mangos and everything seems to work fine (but perhaps that’s just me since i never played on official server) except that you’ll see lots of message on your mangosd window

And of course that’s because 2.2 is still not supported yet by Mangos … but to those who’s running wow 2.1.3 all i can say is … everything seems to be good and you won’t see message that’s only get shown when running the WoW 2.2 client ;)

here’s a screenshot taken using WoW 2.2 :

WoW 2.2 Test

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245 comments on “WoW Mangos 4524 modified to work with WoW 2.1.3 and 2.2

  1. can u please say how mutch exacly maps have 2 be ?
    cuz i have same error like Zenith
    ill try to replace in conf file
    C:/mangos/data this and then ill test….

  2. # Hardy

    Could you upload a screenshot somewhere ? or could you describe what is the problem ?

    # Jake

    I believe voice chat in 2.2 is still not supported yet :(

    # Elliot

    Try using your windows search function to see if you can locate or not (if you can’t locate it, im sure the extraction process got interrupted or not finished extracting yet) :)

    check below screenshot (link) to see what it should looks like if you’ve configured the datadir properly and it’s not missing any files

    # Nikolai

    It seems that you’re having MYSQL problem, i’d suggest you to open the Windows Task Manager, and under process list tab look for mysql.exe or mysqld-nt.exe or other process using mysql name and kill it by right clicking and choose to end its process

    and then try starting the mysql service again by :

    – Typing net stop mysql && net start mysql via command prompt


    – type services.msc at RUN command and then look for mysql entries and choose start / restart

    # Bernardo

    The extension to .conf file is .conf ;)

    btw i’d suggest you to try using the 4524 instead because it’s already include bug fixes for the previous 4488 which is using silvermoon 17 (the 4524 using silvermoon 18) and also contain a batch script made by me to make thing easier to configure the mangosd.conf (especially the datadir section) and adjusting rate, and many other things aswell :)

  3. # Bernardo

    Could you tell me which version you’re using ? the previous 4488 with database rev 17 have that problem, but it’s already fixed on the rev 18 (since 4505) or at least i dont have any problem with it again … by testing, level 20 character human fighting against kobold and wolf :) (no equipment except the default equip that comes with human races)

    ## Thank you for answering Reaper…
    My wow is the TBC 2.1.3 version and the Mangos is the “reaper-mangos-R4488-full”. I’ve double checked the mangosd.conf file and everything is in the default settings.
    By the way which is the real extension of the “.conf” files? (just to know how should i save it)

    Again thanks…

  4. tried to fix things (think i made it worse ^^)

    now i get error when starting Mangos thingy:

    2007-10-01 00:02:18 Using configuration file mangosd.conf.
    2007-10-01 00:02:18 MaNGOS daemon /0.8-SVN (Win32)
    2007-10-01 00:02:18 to stop.

    MM MMM

    2007-10-01 00:02:18 World Database:;3306;mangos;mangos;mangos
    2007-10-01 00:02:18 ERROR:Could not connect to MySQL database at Can’t create TCP/IP socket (10050)

    2007-10-01 00:02:18 ERROR:Cannot connect to world database;3306;mangos;mangos;mangos

  5. Problem solved. Although I didn’t interrupt the vmaps-generation, only a fraction of them were generated. I re-ran it and now I got a lot more of them.

  6. Same problem: Won’t find “C:\mangos\data”, instead cutting the beginning of the path.
    Editing the mangosd.ini and changing the path to “C:/mangos/data” helped fix this problem.

    I’m doing a clean mangos-install for German WoW 2.1.3 and also got the missing 000_43_31 vmap. My vmaps go from 000_27_29 to 000_29_47.vmdir – with big gaps in between.

    I guess you’re using a non-english client. In that case you have to edit the extract.bat and change all “enUS” to your local code, e.g. “deDE”.

  7. idk why but thats what happened to me and u need to make sure u get every patch in between 2.0.0 and 2.1.3 before u update to 2.2 dont update to 2.2 from say 2.1.0 or anything else….

  8. elliot:
    what patch r u using? 2.2? did u revert back then download each individual patch til 2.2? because u need to revert back then download each patch til 2.1.3 then make the dbc,maps, and vmaps…after u get those done then update to 2.2 because after 2.2 it got rid of patch-2.mpq and patch-enus2.mpq

  9. Don’t seem to get it workin’..

    Gives me an error on the WoW.exe startup saying that there is a problem with Startupstring_Mysql or something like that… :S

  10. Hi! I love your guide and I am currently trying to get this to work.. Have had about 50 errors but I’ll see if it works this time..Compiling maps atm.

    Anyways I was wondering if you knew how to make maps in WoW on your private server? I have a little project in mind and I have to be able to make NPCs and houses and such :)

  11. yeah i tried to do the import/upgrade from 4808, but it couldn’t find map: 0004331 and said to change the data dir value.. so i just created the maps/vmpas/dbs all over agian, and got an error during the dbc that it couldnt find patch-enus2. and thats how far i am..

  12. hey reaper this is sweet!!!!! i get everything to work even with 2.2!!!!!! i love it!

    oh and to help some others out…if ur getting an error message that says ur missing the vmap or map file 53_12_43 or 5301243… then u have to basically delete all ur mangos and reaper files and start over…thats the easiest way to do oh and if u go back to version 2.0.0 then u have to download each patch til 2.1.3 and then use the guide by reaper then after u get that stuff done then download 2.2 because for some reason 2.2 got rid of patch-2.mpg and enus-patch-2.mpg and it wont work without that stuff…….

  13. # Kyle

    I just tested it and it works just fine :) .. make sure that mysql service already running and you put the correct path to your mysql.exe location ;)

    # Bernardo

    Could you tell me which version you’re using ? the previous 4488 with database rev 17 have that problem, but it’s already fixed on the rev 18 (since 4505) or at least i dont have any problem with it again … by testing, level 20 character human fighting against kobold and wolf :) (no equipment except the default equip that comes with human races)

  14. Hi, thank you again man, your tuts are superb…

    May i ask you something, well, i havent’t changed the “mangosd.conf” file, so this should be with the default config shouldn’t it? I don’t know why, but seems to me that the MOBS are too overpowered, i’ve created many different chars, and all of them just die in the first attack of the weakest MOBS, a wolf took almost 300 of damage over a warrior (wolf lvl.1 and warrior also lvl.1).
    I’ve considered the idea that i may have played only in easy realms, but this shouldn’t be the problem here, it’s tooo damn difficult.

    Any idea?

  15. hey, im wondering if you could help me..
    now, when i run the mangos batch, it asks for the path to the BIN folder in mysql,
    not a problem, but now its saying “are you using my compiled mangos release and didnt change anything?
    if i say yes i get an error, if i say no i get asked for a database username, i dont rmemeber putting in a username..