How to revert to previous WoW Patch

It seems some people have been asking on how to revert their wow installation to the previous patch (in this case into 2.1.3 from 2.2 patch), and still haven’t found the exact answer to their question and so that’s why i’m going to write a short how to revert your wow patch

Requirements :

1. Repair.exe in your WoW Installation Directory

2. A working internet connection

3. Individual patch for each update you’re going to apply (like below image for an example) …

Wow patch list

4. Ability to delete or rename files :P

Here are the steps :

1. Rename wow.exe inside your World of Warcraft Installation Directory into something else (like wowowow.exe)

2. Run the repair.exe and let it do the job to check your WoW Installation for corrupted files

3. After finished checking, it’ll find that there’s something missing from your WoW installation and then it’ll download the missing file automatically and in my case because i want to revert from 2.2 into 2.1.3, it’ll automatically revert to 2.0.0

4. Now to make sure that our wow version already reverted into 2.0.0, you just need to run the wow.exe (not the launcher or the pop up screen) and see the version number at the bottom left of your screen

5. Okay since we’ve reverted to 2.0.0 and want to get back on using 2.1.3, all we have to do is just running the individual update patch manually from 2.0.0 into 2.1.3 (see the above image), and don’t forget to press escape immediately when the wow launcher screen pop-up to cancel the launcher from updating your wow installation automatically

6. After finished patching your wow into 2.1.3 again now you need to run the wow.exe again to make sure that you’re already back into using the previous 2.1.3 installation … then exit from wow

7. Finish ;)

Things to note :

It seems that World of Warcraft love changing your wow shortcut (even if you created it by yourself) on your desktop if you just upgraded your wow installation

For example, i have two shortcut located on my desktop for WoW purpose. The first shortcut target goes to the World of Warcraft launcher, while the second shortcut goes to the wow.exe directly … and guess what happen after i updated my WoW installation? after i’ve installed patch 2.2 the second shortcut that previously point to wow.exe directly got changed by WoW automatically so it’s pointing to the launcher instead

So … your best bet is … to run the WoW.exe directly from your World of Warcraft installation directory to prevent wow from automatically patching your game


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65 comments on “How to revert to previous WoW Patch

  1. Hi, Ive depatched from 3.0.9 to 3.0.0 then to 2.0.0 but as i try to start wow it sais:
    ERROR #121 (0x85100079) Version Mismatch

    What does it mean ?
    And how do i fix it ?

  2. yeah i got that problem with the set patchlist being deleted but nothings happening… i also deleted like all the 3.9.0 patches and also disabled the patch.mpq and a whole bunch of other stuff. I also deleted the launcher but still nothing i still get the restart thing when i log in…..

    HUGE pain in the ass, so if anyone has an answer that’d be great —b

  3. hey, you can stop your automatic patching by going into your folder:

    it should say
    set realmlist
    set patchlist

    just take out the patchlist and change the realmlist to the one you want

  4. i got a problem with converting from 3.0.8 to 2.4.3 because when i cange name on the file it says u got to repair inside wow folder

  5. Hey Reaper

    i have patched from 3.0.3 to 3.0.8 and i would like to know how to unpatch back to 3.0.3 so i can keep playing on my private server.


  6. My advice on the Patcher changing the shortcuts on your desktop, is to create a shortcut that is for your WoW folder, instead of the exe. when you hit your shortcut to your wow folder, then you manually click wow.exe and close the folder.

    I haven’t (but im about to) play with how they are changing the shortcuts.

    Then again, you can always just create a batch file that runs WoW, create a shortcut to that batch file (so you can still use a pretty little icon instead of Batch file).

  7. ok to make it so it stops updateing the best way of doing is goining to your realmlist. and delete the patchlist….

    if u dont know were ur realmlist is go to:

    1.C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enGB

    2.C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft

    3.C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\World of Warcraft\Data\enGB
    sometimes wow puts the realmlist in a few places. these are the most comon.

  8. ok, heres the deal. i do all you say, i click WoW.exe and theres the dark portal. type my username n pass, says all that crap (hand-shaking,connecting…) Then it gos to that knight elf place with the pond and shows the percentige and then says restart and trys to patch me…..
    how do i fix???

  9. so all i can just turn off the auto patch downloader option and start downloading the patches one by one right?
    can anybody tell me how to turn it off cause i think it isn’t working

  10. Also I am running wow.exe from the installation directory so no mistake of the launcher interfering. its wow itself =(
    stupid blizzard…

  11. Reaper, I love and appreciate all the work you’ve put towards this and other things, tis awesome dude. The one question im sure i will ever have right now is similar to others regarding the “Patch Required” after logging in to the account.

    Info so I get the question answered and problem resolved: Realmlist is set to just my ip address. The server is working and I have it succesfully installed and backed to 2.3.3

    If i could learn where it learns that it needs a new patch or whatever to access my newly made server (thnx to you) that would be bad ass

  12. heya, got somekinda prob like that aswell. i havn’t played WoW for a damm long time, and now i’m in to a Private Server (PS). the PS only reads upon 2.3.3, and WoW auto installed 2.4.1 i’m runing the repair now, and i hope it will work :)

  13. hey reaper my problem is when i renamed the wow.exe and run repair.exe it checks but says it all is OK so it doesn’t revert back the patch :S

  14. If got another problem, everything works fine, but when I patch to 2.3.x I just get an error saying ”Unable to validate game version”, If heard this is from a wrong patch or something.. but can anyone link me the correct patches? from 2.0.0? EnUs version

  15. to stop the autoupdates upon login, just open (with notepad)and delete “set patchlist”

  16. Ok, i resinstalled and then went to updtes til hit v2.3.0 then i stoped it ad set the shortcut to wow.exeand that fixeditfor me