How to revert to previous WoW Patch

It seems some people have been asking on how to revert their wow installation to the previous patch (in this case into 2.1.3 from 2.2 patch), and still haven’t found the exact answer to their question and so that’s why i’m going to write a short how to revert your wow patch

Requirements :

1. Repair.exe in your WoW Installation Directory

2. A working internet connection

3. Individual patch for each update you’re going to apply (like below image for an example) …

Wow patch list

4. Ability to delete or rename files :P

Here are the steps :

1. Rename wow.exe inside your World of Warcraft Installation Directory into something else (like wowowow.exe)

2. Run the repair.exe and let it do the job to check your WoW Installation for corrupted files

3. After finished checking, it’ll find that there’s something missing from your WoW installation and then it’ll download the missing file automatically and in my case because i want to revert from 2.2 into 2.1.3, it’ll automatically revert to 2.0.0

4. Now to make sure that our wow version already reverted into 2.0.0, you just need to run the wow.exe (not the launcher or the pop up screen) and see the version number at the bottom left of your screen

5. Okay since we’ve reverted to 2.0.0 and want to get back on using 2.1.3, all we have to do is just running the individual update patch manually from 2.0.0 into 2.1.3 (see the above image), and don’t forget to press escape immediately when the wow launcher screen pop-up to cancel the launcher from updating your wow installation automatically

6. After finished patching your wow into 2.1.3 again now you need to run the wow.exe again to make sure that you’re already back into using the previous 2.1.3 installation … then exit from wow

7. Finish ;)

Things to note :

It seems that World of Warcraft love changing your wow shortcut (even if you created it by yourself) on your desktop if you just upgraded your wow installation

For example, i have two shortcut located on my desktop for WoW purpose. The first shortcut target goes to the World of Warcraft launcher, while the second shortcut goes to the wow.exe directly … and guess what happen after i updated my WoW installation? after i’ve installed patch 2.2 the second shortcut that previously point to wow.exe directly got changed by WoW automatically so it’s pointing to the launcher instead

So … your best bet is … to run the WoW.exe directly from your World of Warcraft installation directory to prevent wow from automatically patching your game


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65 comments on “How to revert to previous WoW Patch

  1. I have problem with wow repair it says it cant connect to server to download repair information but i can connect to internet

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  4. Sally, you are absolutely correct, it shows that youre an authority on dha subject. yours truly admire someone that takes dha pride you have and with your projecton of information. So when yours truly actually do sit down to read material, I appreciate well written and organized yours trulys like this one. yours truly have it bookmarked and will be back.
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  5. Im getting into a wow PS not this one but are having similar problems as for the ones when they first try to launch the game it wants to update but i did not want it to update so i canceled. went into the wow folder threw out the update folder and the downloader that was trying to update to the new version that i did not want. Then right click your short cut icon and go properties because you may not of noticed it but it likes changing from “C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Wow.exe” which is what i set it as what i wanted, back to the launcher which will run you back into the auto update problem again. But now I am able to get to the log in screen but the PS forums that i had to make a account for epic fails and i can’t currently make a account there ><

  6. I’ve done everything you said to get rid of the automatic down loader and its not working. when i go to my realmlist folder it says something else besides what you say it says. the config part of the folder says that stuff and i deleted the patch from that but it still says “patch required” on the night elf screen

  7. Here´s Exactly what it sais:

    his application has encountered a critical error:

    ERROR #121 (0x85100079) Version Mismatch
    Program: C:\Documents and Settings\Christian\Mina dokument\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe

    DBFilesClient\Startup_Strings.dbc has wrong number of columns (found 19, expected 11)