What’s wrong with Akismet ?

I just don’t understand … how come i’m as the owner of this blog / website get marked as spam whenever i tried to reply to the comment(s) posted by this site visitors …

Another case is … when i’m trying to test posting a comment to my own local server which is obviously can’t be accessed by anyone, by simply using Test as nickname, with [email protected] as it’s email address and http://test.com as the url address .. it’s still being marked as spam ! and with as it’s ip address !

At first i thought that the ip address that i’m currently using (i’m on dynamic ip address) already marked as spammers ip by akismet, but if local ip address gets marked as spam, i’m sure there’s something more to it (like user agent detection, referer, etc)

I know that you can mark yourself as not spam, so that Akismet can learn to fix it’s mistake … but perhaps it’d be better if Akismet check if the user already logged-in or has administrative privilege and automatically bypassing the spam checking mechanism for that user

Perhaps … it’s just me … but after getting marked as spam and need to unmark myself for about 4 – 5 times today, and that’s not including yesterday … i feel kinda bored about it … beside when i gets marked as spam, i didn’t put any links on my comment


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6 comments on “What’s wrong with Akismet ?

  1. #helpmelol

    Well it SHOULD show up in the text box, but it doesnt..for some of us — including me, maybe its clientside, or serverside..idk, i already asked reaper-x on the previous post.

  2. hello :D.. um.. i dont understand your commands dude :/ like i made a rogue, got him to lvl 70 (.levelup) got him some sick armor.. but when i get some money it wont go in my bag, so i cant learn swords and dual wield. apparently u can do a gm command to learn them straight away. please help :) ooh and when i do .lookupsk xxx where does the ID show up!??!!? help!!

  3. Thanks a lot Mark, next time im going to contact the akismet support team if im experiencing the same problem like this :)

  4. Reaper-x: Your comments should be good now. If not, or there is a future problem, please contact support through akismet.com

    jaroche: so having a wordpress cookie means you are good? So then all the spammers get wordpress blogs or fake cookies. Then lots of blogs get swamped by spam so the cookie method stops and we are back where we are today.

  5. ah lol .. i thought im the only one who’s experiencing this :P

    btw i just wrote another comment and it got caught immediately by akismet .. sigh :(