Finally reached 1.000.000 Page views

Wheee finally today 18 September (actually it’s 19 September in my local time) this website finally reached 1.000.000 Page views (to be exact 1.002.150 Page Views recorded) according to my Google Analytics account (after 1 year, 1 month and 3 days)

While for some people this number can be considered as normal, but if it’s for me … of course i’m really delighted for it because i just never thought that i would reached this amount (beside i never dreamed about it before) … and that’s all thanks to WordPress. Because if i didn’t create my first blog ever in their free service, there’s no way this site exists (except there’s someone else buying this domain name at the first place)

And here’s the breakdown of this site analytics for 1 year, 1 month and 3 days :

  • 540,031 Visits
  • 428,694 Absolute Unique Visitors
  • 1,002,150 Pageviews

As for the technical profile :

  • 50.66% Visitors using Microsoft Internet Explorer to visit this site
  • 42.83% Visitors using Mozilla Firefox Browser
  • 4.32% Visitors using Opera Browser
  • and many other user agent recorded, from a Playstation 3 User-Agent, to someone trying to do some XSS attack via their browser user-agent (duh) … and it’s all recorded by Google Analytics (wow!)

And finally here’s an image to shows you what this site statistics looks like until i reached the 1.000.000 Page views taken from my Google Analytics account

Visits from Google Analytics

Note : The above image shows you the number of visits this site receives since the beginning / the day i moved from to a real web hosting (15 August 2006) until 18 September 2007 :)

So … at this time i’d like to say many thanks to all of this site visitors for coming to this site, and to those who’s interested on reading my previous journal when i just started this website, or things i’ve learned ever since i started this website … feel free to check this site archives

As for my next target … i’d really love to get 1.000.000 Visits first and then perhaps the absolute unique visitors can also reach the same amount :D


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