Looking to optimize your WordPress blog even more ?

WordpressI just found out this nice plugin yesterday that is made by Neosmart. Basically what this plugin do is cloning the WordPress Object Cache function with the only differences if the actual WordPress object cache store it’s data as file on the harddisk, this plugin make it’s possible to store the object cache data in the memory

The plugin itself comes in two flavours, the first flavour is to those who’s using XCache as their opcode caching solution, while the second flavour is to those who’s using eAccelerator as their PHP Opcode caching solution

And if you read the above paragraph carefully, you’ll see that this plugin need XCache or eAccelerator in order for it to works, which mean that if your site hosted on shared hosting that doesn’t allow you to install PHP Opcode cache program, you can only use the normal wordpress object cache (i’m using this before when hosted at Hostgator shared hosting)

The installation process itself is really easy, you just need to upload the object-cache.php file in your wp-content directory, adjust your php configuration and then restart your webserver process and you’re done

But how do you know if this plugin really works ?

The simple way to do this is by installing the WordPress Cache Inspect Plugin, and then go back to your homepage (in logged in status), and you’ll see some random numbers under the loaded data

So … if you’re looking to optimize your wordpress blog even more, you should try this plugin … or you can also read my previous guide on speeding up your wordpress blog via the normal way


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4 comments on “Looking to optimize your WordPress blog even more ?

  1. Hi Reaper-X, thanks for the link.

    Just want to point out that most shared hosts already have one opcode caching engine or the other already installed, so you might want to check with your hosting provider before giving up :)