Using WGet on Windows

Just in case you’re like me that can’t trust free download manager anymore or just want a little program that can resume your download at later time and doesn’t use many resources .. i’d suggest you to use WGet for Windows

To start off there are few links to where you can grab WGet for Windows (feel free to choose)

  1. Christopher Lewis Wget Page
  2. GNUWin32 Wget Package
  3. Bpuype Wget File

Personally i’m using Christopher’s Visual Studio Project file combined with Wget source code from it’s SVN repository because i want to make some adjustment for my specific needs

Anyway, i assume you’ve downloaded your WGet files, and already extracted it somewhere in your harddrive. The next step would be, adding your WGet path into Windows Environment Variables Path, so you can access it easily from anywhere

Step to do it :

  1. Open Windows System Properties page (Press Windows Key + Pause / Break) or Right click on my computer and choose properties
  2. Choose the Advanced Tab and then click on Environment Variables
  3. Add new Path Variable to your username or edit the Path variable for your system
  4. Add this line like below image (adjust your wget path accordingly)

Wget Environment Variables

And you’re done … now you can type Wget anywhere from the command prompt :)

And if you’re using Mozilla Firefox, you can also use Wget as your downloader, and in order to do this you just need to install FlashGot, and then add this line to the Flashgot command line arguments :

Quoted from Flashgot page:

-c [--directory-prefix=FOLDER] [--referer=REFERER] [--post-data=POST] [--load-cookies=CFILE] [--header=Cookie:COOKIE] [--input-file=UFILE]

And you’re finished :)

Update: Well basically the above should work fine with Firefox 2, but when i switched to Firefox 3 stable, i’m having problem with the Command Prompt window not showing although the wget process is running in the background (it’s listed on the process list in task manager but the window can’t be seen anywhere). And so if you’re running Firefox 3 or higher, use below configuration instead:

Executable Path: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
Command Line arguments template: /C start wget -c [--directory-prefix=FOLDER] [--referer=REFERER] [--post-data=POST] [--load-cookies=CFILE] [--header=Cookie:COOKIE] [--input-file=UFILE]

And done


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5 comments on “Using WGet on Windows

  1. portuguese
    cara , você é demais , você resolveu meu problema do wget só esqueceu de mencionar sobre o parametro –limit-rate que limita a velocidade ,, você autoriza eu traduzir seu post e colocar no meu blog ? , e não se preocupe que os creditos vão para você


    dude, you’re awesome, you solved my problem wget just forgot to mention about the parameter – limit-rate limiting speed, I authorize you to translate your post and post to my blog? and do not worry that the credits go to you

    1. Sorry for the delay in response Victor because i didn’t know there’s a new comment posted here, feel free to post this on your blog :)

  2. Adding a new Path in Windows 7 will delete the old one, which is fairly dangerous. Instead, edit the existing path, add a semicolon to the end, and then add what you want to your path.

    1. I’m sorry for late reply because i didn’t notice there’s a new comment posted here

      Anyway .. i believe i wrote (at step #3) … that you need to add New PATH for your username which mean it is per-user basis not entire system that is usually not set or empty, unlike System Path which often filled (if not always) with something else) :)

      And i think (in my opinion), those who wants to use WGET on Windows (no matter which version of windows it is), usually knows about User/System Environment Variables so i believe they won’t overwrite/remove important things there