GS Error need vs 2.0

Keep getting GS Error need vs 2.0 message when running PCSX2 ? and you don’t understand what that error message mean ? and want to know how to fix it so that error message completely disappear ?

The answer is simple …

  1. Upgrade your VGA Card / Graphic Card to a Direct X 9 Accelerated VGA Card
  2. or configure PCSX2 to use GSDX Plugin instead of ZeroGS plugin (be warned though, GSDX plugin doesn’t give you best performance compared to ZeroGS)

That’s it … feel free to choose which one that fit you best :) … because that error message (GS Error need vs 2.0) mean, that you are not using a Vertex Shader 2 capable Graphic Card … and Vertex Shader 2 Capable Card can be found only in Direct X 9 Based Video Card


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5 comments on “GS Error need vs 2.0

  1. waah!! i can’t seem to fix the problem! i already downloaded the latest directx, but still “error opening GPU” would always appear on the screen!…help? anyone? i really wanted to play my ps2 games on pc…

  2. I have downloaded the GSDX version but still the error is coming
    PENTIUM 3 450Mhz
    256 RAM
    with ATI technologies inc,3D rage PRO AGP 2X GRAPHIC CARD


  3. GSDX 9 080 is still showing that message. I’m sure I read that is the newest version and does require a Vertex Shader 2 capable Graphic Card. Could you help me find an older version? Or am I just getting it all wrong. Thanks