Swapmagic for PS2 or Cogswap ?

I don’t know why people are still looking to get a downloadable copy of swapmagic. I guess they just didn’t know, even if you manage to find a copy of swapmagic from torrent or from some forums out there you won’t be able to use it / run it from their ps2 console

The reason why it’s not going to work is simply because if you download swap magic iso from somewhere and then burned the iso’s into a blank cd, that means you already created your home made cd

And like most people already know that in order to run home made cd’s from your playstation 2 console, you’ll need to install or use :

  1. a modchip into your ps2 first
  2. use original swap magic cd

Which defeat the purpose of running the burned swapmagic (well if you has modchip installed inside your ps2 console then there’s no need for you to use swapmagic anymore)

So instead of looking for downloadable iso’s of swapmagic, i’d suggest you to start looking for Cogswap instead (i do have a copy of cogswap in my hdd although i never use it because i’m using modchip)

Update : If you’re looking for Cogswap or other PS2 Tools, you can check my latest post about All in One PS2 Tools

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