Client denied by Server Configuration

This is perhaps might be useful especially to those who’s using managed server / managed vps (or have anything related to core system component installed and configured for you) and keep seeing client denied by server configuration message on your site error_log (via CPanel or other method) … because that’s what happened to me today

I keep seeing someone trying to access this site and get blocked immediately, but what makes it strange this error message only appear on some of my pages. Although when i tried to access those pages, i can see it without problem at all (yes, i have mod_security installed), so that mean there’s something wrong somewhere in my apache configuration because if it’s caused by hotlink protection, i already make sure it still can be viewed by those who’s blocking their referer address

So after taking a good look into the httpd.conf, i found that my current host already configured apache to load some configuration rules outside the httpd.conf, and after checking each conf i found something i haven’t seen before

DOSHashTableSize 3097
DOSPageCount 2
DOSSiteCount 50
DOSPageInterval 1
DOSSiteInterval 1
DOSBlockingPeriod 10

Note : the above directives is a sample

Of course the next step would be searching what this configuration directive actually does, and then i find out that my host currently use mod_evasive as protection measure againts HTTP Ddos attack

So what do i do then ? of course after i read what those configuration directives do (you can see it from the readme file attached in the mod_evasive file), i reconfigured it by increasing it value slightly to make sure that it’s working properly


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