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So yesterday i’ve finished moving this site to a new web host named WiredTree (after doing some testing with my other domain name), and i must say although at first i want it to have no downtime at all … but it seems that’s almost impossible for me to do it, because … well … i forgot to make few changes to the .htaccess file which is previously used on my previous host Hostgator (this cause several errors), forgot to add Zones for the site feeds itself, need to reconfigure ome modules installed on the server (if you visited this site yesterday you can see it from the Server Error Message), and i’m pretty sure the DNS records may not have fully propagated yet :P

Overall … the experience has been great (Many thanks to WiredTree Zac and WiredTree Joe), every ticket responded in just less than 5 minutes (if you don’t believe me try it for yourself) because there’s no way i can call them directly (it’s really expensive to place an international call from here … but the most important thing is … well you see about that in the next paragraph)

As a side note, they really call your phone number to verify your order (at first i thought they’re not going to call me directly to verify my order) … and to be honest, i’m really nervous when answering the phone call from them because that’s my very first time ever receiving a phone call from another country … beside … they do speak fast unlike in movie (that’s how i learn english language)

Anyway, if you’re looking for a Managed VPS, i’d definitely recommend WiredTree because they offer good prices for their package with top notch support team

But just a suggestion to them, just in case they read this .. perhaps it’d be better for them to put 301 Redirect on their domain name as SEO purpose and / or offer some affiliate account :P


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