Flashget 1.92 constantly sending unknown packet to various servers

So recently i just upgraded the old Flashget 1.80 which is installed on my computer since few months ago (if i remembered it correctly) to the new Flashget 1.92. While i must agree the new Flashget 1.92 is giving a cleaner user interface compared to it’s previous version. But yesterday when i just finished downloading several files from various website using Flashget, i found out that the PPP Led Indicator on my adsl router keep blinking (which indicates there’s internet activity done from my computer) even though i’m not using my internet connection


AIO (All in One) PS2 Tools

Just in case someone still looking for Cogswap, or many other PS2 Related Tools such as ExecFTP, PS2 Reality Media Player, etc … i’ve decided to upload my currently used PS2 Tools made by Stinky (it’s called Stinky’s All in One PS2 Tools) because the original page where i found these tools is no longer available

As a note, i’ve uploaded 2 version of this ps 2 tools. The first version is ISO Images that is ready to burn to those who prefer ready to use ISO Images, while the second version is the original Stinky’s AIO PS2 Tools (you’ll need to burn it manually, but you don’t need to worry there’s README file located inside the archive)

Download: AIO PS2 By Stinky

And if you’re wondering what tool / PS2 ELF Binary included in this All in One PS 2 Tools, here are the description for each tool copied from the Readme file :

Live Search Webmaster Portal from Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that they’re currently accepting private beta requests of their upcoming Live Search Webmaster portal which is basically the same like Google Webmaster Tools, and Yahoo Siteexplorer

And according to the Live Search Weblog, the upcoming webmaster tools from Microsoft Live Search are going to provide you with these features :

  • Troubleshooting tools to ensure MSNBot effectively crawling and indexing your site
  • Sitemap creation, submission and ping tools
  • Statistics about your website
  • Consolidation of content submission resources
  • New content and community resources

They say it’ll be available for public in late Fall, but to those who’s interested on participating in their private beta program. You can try applying to be their a beta tester by sending an email to [email protected]

Client denied by Server Configuration

This is perhaps might be useful especially to those who’s using managed server / managed vps (or have anything related to core system component installed and configured for you) and keep seeing client denied by server configuration message on your site error_log (via CPanel or other method) … because that’s what happened to me today

I keep seeing someone trying to access this site and get blocked immediately, but what makes it strange this error message only appear on some of my pages. Although when i tried to access those pages, i can see it without problem at all (yes, i have mod_security installed), so that mean there’s something wrong somewhere in my apache configuration because if it’s caused by hotlink protection, i already make sure it still can be viewed by those who’s blocking their referer address


VPS Plan Upgraded

2 days i just ordered VPS Hosting from WiredTree with 30GB RAID-10 Disk Space, 300GB Bandwidth (Wow … i do not think i’m going to reach this amount), with 256MB Ram (Burstable to 1GB) …

At first i thought that capacity is enough for this small site, but i guess i’ve made a wrong decision because if you’ve visited this site since yesterday, i’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that this site is unreachable (i’m sorry i didn’t notice it first when i wrote my previous post about my new host) … and that’s all thanks to the low RAM

But … today i just contacted my web hosting company, and ask them to upgrade my vps plan into using 512MB RAM … and things seem to be working a lot better now … so in this post i’d like to say sorry to those who’s trying to access this site earlier, and get an unreachable page

Conclusion : With this new server specs, i guess i need to work even harder so i can pay my monthly hosting bill and my internet bill

Please Welcome … WiredTree Web Hosting

So yesterday i’ve finished moving this site to a new web host named WiredTree (after doing some testing with my other domain name), and i must say although at first i want it to have no downtime at all … but it seems that’s almost impossible for me to do it, because … well … i forgot to make few changes to the .htaccess file which is previously used on my previous host Hostgator (this cause several errors), forgot to add Zones for the site feeds itself, need to reconfigure ome modules installed on the server (if you visited this site yesterday you can see it from the Server Error Message), and i’m pretty sure the DNS records may not have fully propagated yet :P


Football Manager 2008 is coming

Fm2008 screenshot

Sports Interactive recently announced that Football Manager 2008 will be available in stores before Christmas 2007 (for PC and Mac). And like it’s previous series, in FM 2008 you’ll get a bunch of new and improved gameplay / features :

  • Over 5.000 playable teams from over 50 countries
  • Improved Match Flow – More atmosphere to match-days with match previews, various team talks, instructions, etc. But the most important thing is there’ll be no more pausing when you’re trying to tweak your tactics
  • Easier to use – Much cleaner skin, a brand new advisor system, better button positioning, improved coach reports to help managing club much more easier, also the new calendar system that list all important dates throughout the season
  • New Confidence section – Now you can easily tell what the board and supporters think on how you handle the team
  • Improved Transfer Center – Easier to manage your transfers
  • Fan Days – Now you can arrange fan days to boost ailing attendances, or for matches that are likely to attract a low crowd
  • Expanded Media – More media and feedback than ever before, and a new competition news section to find out what major things are going on in all league competitions
  • Faster – Faster loading, faster network gaming and of course smoother to play

And many other enhancement such as Regenerated player photo’s, Finances Revamp, Improved Match Engine, Awards Re-write, and new International Management gameplay that has been improved from the previous FM Series