Corsair HX520W Power Supply Unit First Impression

2 Days ago i just received my new power supply from Corsair (HX520W) as a replacement part because my previous power supply (HEC Zephyr) died in less than 2 weeks after i bought it from some retail store (which is quite disappointing)

My first impression when i received this Corsair HX520W PSU was … WoW !!! i never seen something like this before. Because based on my previous experiences, all power supply i’ve used before doesn’t have a modular feature like this one from Corsair although Corsair HX520W only has three +12V rails while the HEC Zephyr has four +12V rails but in the end both power supply gives enough power to all my peripherals

Corsair Voltage Monitoring

And just in case you didn’t know what does Modular PSU means, here’s some description about it taken from the Corsair Website :

Corsair’s easily detachable and flexible modular cables allow you to use only the cables you need and enhance the air flow inside your system

And i must agree the above statement from Corsair about enhancing airflow inside your computer case, because i’ve experienced it myself (-2 Celcius compared to HEC Zephyr) because i can remove unneeded cable and in the end i just use the additional 3 cable

And here’s a picture on what you’ll get when buying this PSU :

Corsair HX520W

Well … that’s all about it …


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