Norton Ghost 2003 doesn’t work anymore

So yesterday i just installed a fresh Windows XP SP2 into my HDD, because my previous Windows XP SP2 gives me a lot of problem. Beside i think this is the best thing to do because i have changed my computer hardware completely (new chipset, new vga, processor, etc). And i’m sure that problem was caused because the previous driver installed for my old motherboard / chipset, etc is still left in that previous windows installation

And after finished reinstalling windows, device driver, and any other important program … of course i need to create ghost image from the first partition using Norton Ghost 2003 (using Ghost 2003 DOS executable only because i do not like to install the Windows version) … but what happens next ?

  • I tried booting into DOS using Bootable CD i’ve created
  • Change drive into C:\ (i have one FAT32 partition for this purpose) and then go into the Ghost directory
  • Run the Ghost executable
  • The ghost program hang so i have to press CTRL+ALT+DEL
  • Tried it again for about 3 times or so … and still get the same result

Now … i get confused, because that tricks always worked for me (and to be honest that’s what i always do since few years ago and havent experience any problem like this before). And i think this problem was caused because the Norton Ghost 2003 doesn’t support one of my harddisk drive or in the simple words, it does not support my computer

As an addition, although i have Norton Ghost 12 ready to be installed. I prefer not to use it because i prefer the old ghost version, because the Ghost 12 doesn’t have the DOS Executable included unllike Norton Ghost 2003

Because i can not live without Backup Image from my primary partition (believe me, if you have created Ghost Image before, you’ll always want to use it again in the future because it really helps you if your system crash / windows not booting completely), i tried searching the web for similar program like Norton Ghost 2003 and found one from Acronis, but the question is … does Acronis True Image have the DOS Executable like Ghost 2003 ? or it’s a full Windows application like Norton Ghost 12 ?

Now because i never use Acronis True Image before, i decided to skip it and continue with searching and in the end i found nothing except that i found An all in one BootCD image that contains all of the stuff required for this purpose (it’s called Hiren’s BootCD 9.1)

Thanks God, because this time i have CDRW hardware available in my computer (and one blank cd available), i decided to download it and then burned it right away and boot directly from the CDRom

My first impression was … WoW !! … this thing is great … there’s Norton Ghost 11 and Acronis True Image available to use and many other useful programs (although i only need the Acronis / Norton Ghost program only) :P … but in the end i’m using Acronis True Image for my backup purpose because i want to try out something new

So what’s the conclusion ? if you really care about your computer and want the fastest way of doing recovery when your system fails … make sure you try using Hiren Boot CD or other similar BootCD. Because it really helps you alot when you can’t access your Windows Installation ;)


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6 comments on “Norton Ghost 2003 doesn’t work anymore

  1. Ghost 2003 doesn’t work anymore.

    And that includes all your boot partitions!

    If you reset out of one os into another, and then shut down to use Ghost, it wont work because you didnt shut down the first time. You’ll have to go back and shut down the first os. It works every time!

  2. Ghost 2003 doesn’t work anymore.

    If you’ve upgraded and having this very problem, try this. Make sure you have shut down and not just reset before booting up Ghost.
    Newer chipsets have different ways of signing off when you reboot that Ghost doesn’t like.

  3. Dear Reaper-X

    Your note sounded exactly like the way I felt when I found out that ghost2k3.exe is not working anymore…

    I had looked around (obviously not good enough) and had already given up and then saw this message of yours.

    Will try the BootCD you mention and thanks in advance!

  4. lol … well actually i’ve been living under Dialup connection for too long (before moving into broadband) that’s why i choose not to try any bootcd, and prefer to use the old Ghost2k3 DOS binary only instead :P

    but since ghost2k3 is not working anymore i tried to get something that can be used as drive / partition imaging program :D

  5. hiren’s boot cd is old thing. where have you been, buddy?

    i’ve been using it since version 6.
    it’s realy wonderfull stuff.

    now the newest version is version 9.2