Feedburner Ad Network for me ? i’m sure there’s a mistake

I’m not to sure why i get this message when i was looking at the monetization tab in my feedburner account today (previously it didn’t show me this message)

Feedburner Ad Network ...

Although i’m interested on trying Feedburner Ad Network (FAN), but i’m sure there’s a mistake somewhere in the Feedburner system. Because based on what i read from someone else comment at Problogger, and Yugatech. You need to get at least 500 RSS Subscribers to join the Feedburner Ad Network … while in reality, this blog only has 155 Subscribers (today) … and the number usually going up and down although it usually stay in 100 – 139 area

Anyhow … eventhough there are no errors in FAN system, i still can’t join them because in order to join FAN you must have paypal account first (i do have a verified paypal account, unfortunately my paypal account can only be used to send money only) :(


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