Abit AN9-32X Disappoinment

2 days ago i just bought an almost complete cpu set which is using Abit AN9–32X for the motherboard and AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ (ADO5200CZBOX) for the processor, and Corsair PC5300 for the memory … and including any other part but i think there’s no need for me to write it here

Okay … back to the story, after finished assembling every parts i turned on the new cpu and get into the bios (the usual thing to do) to adjust settings for various part such as disabling Floppy Disk Controller, disabling the Silicon SATA Controller (because i do not need it), etc. Then continue to save it and exit from the bios

But what happen next ? i get blank screen without anything else, so i tried to reset the CMOS via jumper. And i can get into the bios once again and try to configure like before … but the same problem always occurs everytime i exited from the bios menu

At first i thought it was memory problem (the post code i get is C1), so i tried replacing the RAM from PC4200, PC5300, and PC6400 memory module (and reset CMOS at every step) … but still get the same problem. Now i’m sure the problem is not because of bad memory. So i tried switching the processor used from Athlon 64 X2 5200 (low power) into Athlon 64 X2 4200 (normal) and surprisingly it works without problem. Now i know that the problem is because the motherboard does not support the new processor, and then i go to Abit website and found updated bios there, and continue with flashing the new bios. And thanks to the new bios, i can use my new processor without problem

The next day (yesterday before i wrote this post), when i turned on the computer … i get a new error message at POST … it writes, CMOS Checksum Error – Default BIOS settings loaded. At first i didnt think there’s something wrong, so i just configured everything once again and continue into windows

And the next day (today when i wrote this post), i get the same error message which writes CMOS Checksum Error … and because i found that error message is strange. I configured the bios once again and then turned off the computer and turned it back on again … but the same CMOS error message still appear

Now … this is strange because usually that error message caused because the CMOS battery already reached it’s limit / weak, but in my case i just bought this mobo 2 days ago and i do not think the CMOS Battery already weak beside i never get that message even for my previous motherboard which is already died (but that’s just my opinion)

So today i just sent an email to Abit Technical support and hope i can found the solution to this problem …


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  1. hello Reaper-X
    I updated the bios to ID 17 from the abit site and it has solved my problem; no more blank screens,
    after exiting the bios or on cold boots.
    Everything seems normal except for a very slight performance drop.
    It’s only day one though.
    I thank you for your time and help and I hope you have some luck too and solve your problem.

  2. aah i believe you’ll need to update your bios first as for ID15, i think it’d be better for you to update into the latest bios (as long as it’s not in beta stage) :)

  3. Hi Reaper.
    I got the cmos checksum error message once after several attempts at cold booting. Most of the time I got a blank screen and the bios post error display read C1.

    Going into the bios and changing minor settings made the problem worse and to get a boot I had to default to the bios safe settings.

    I also noticed that some of my changes in the bios were not even retained; this is after saving them on exit.

    I suspected a faulty battery, but then the bios time would also be lost.

    I am going to update the bios to ID 17 as the bios I am running at the moment is ID13 and Asus recommends ID15.

    Hopefully this will make a difference; I will let you know.

    Cheers Joe

  4. I built a computer for my friend with the same motherboard that you have (An932x V1), the same brand of Ram, a 5600 CPU and I am experiencing the same problems as you have. I am wondering if you have found a solution to your problem through Abit or other means?
    thanking you for your time

  5. Yes, actually this is the first time im using Abit mobo (previously im using Albatron, Epox, etc but never tried Abit until now) and never experience any problem like this

    as an addition, i’ve tried changing the CMOS battery for about two times from a working motherboard (which is using the same CMOS battery type / CR2302 battery) .. but still the same problem occur to me everytime im doing cold boot

    Now the only solution left for me is just RMA / replace this mobo to the store where i bought it

    Thank you very much for your attention Willian :)

  6. Hi there.

    I really feel sorry about your Abit mobo.

    I am a Abit customer. I really enjoy Abit, because Abit always handled well with overclocks and always made mobo which have anything i needed (i had a Abit KT7A-RAID, Abit AN7 and now an Abit AN9 32x).

    I also had some problems with my new Abit (for sure, the first real problem i really had). It was about a shutdown problem (the mobo didn’t wake up properly sometimes. Not all lights turn on). I flashed my BIOS to 1.5 version and everything just worked properly.

    I really wish your mobo just work without any problems. I would recommend Abit RMA if you still get problems.

    Até mais! \o/

    1. Oi Wiliam, ei, pode me dar um help em minha palca mãe an9? comofaço pra entrar em contato contigo? abraços