Creating Public Server for LAN Party – Setting up Private WoW Server

Please check the new version on how to create wow private server for better version. Besides the new guide list everything in a single page for easier reading

This is the third part of the Creating your own World of Warcraft Server using Mangos

  1. The First part is all about Installing and Configuring MySQL on your Windows Machine
  2. The Second part is about Configuring the WoW Mangos itself
  3. The Third part is all about Setting up Private WOW Server for Lan Party
  4. The Fourth part is all about Installing and Setting up Apache Webserver with PHP

Okay … after taking a break for few days now i’m going to continue with the complete mangos configuration guide. And in this topic i’m going to tell you how to create public server … erm … i mean private server for lan party purpose (if you intend to create public server using mangos, that means you’re violating the mangos license agreement)

and to make thing shorter … let’s start the guide ;)

Requirements :

  1. Working Mangos installation (really important)
  2. Knowledge on how to set up port forwarding from your router and your firewall software if installed, because each router have different configuration page (required if you’re going to host WoW Server behind router)

Note :

  • In this example the wow server process is located at virtual machine using as the LAN IP Address
  • Im connecting from another virtual machine to that ip address
  • Mangos and realmd process must not be started first
  • This process can be used for both WoW Mangos TBC Server or Classic Server

Here’s the summary of the process on how you’re going to do it :

  1. Change the realmd.realmlist (realmlist table in realmd database) into your lan ip address or public ip address
  2. Set the to use that lan ip address
  3. Optional : If you’re going to host your wow server behind the router then you’ll need to set up port forwarding for port 8085 (World Server) and 3724 (Realmd). But if you have firewall software installed on your computer then you’d need to configure your firewall to allow connection to that port

Setting up WoW Server for LAN / Local Area Network :

First of all you need to know what is your lan ip address, especially if you’re using DHCP to automatically assign your ip address, and to do this first you need to open the command prompt window

Start Menu => Run => Type CMD

then type ipconfig like example below :

Your lan ip address

From the above image you can see that the ip address used was so you’ll need to set up your realmlist to use that ip address so here’s how to use it :

  1. Open command prompt window or you can also use the same command prompt window from before
  2. type below command (image) :

Adjust it to your lan ip address

Note : Don’t forget to adjust the to use your lan ip address because i’m sure your lan ip address is different

And now we need to make sure that it is get properly written into the database so here’s how to check it

Checking IP Address for WOW LAN

After done with the above process, now you just need to set your file in your WoW Game Directory (for example, C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\ to use that ip address … and you’re done then the next step would be starting the mangos process and realmd process, and try connecting to your wow server from other computer in your network

Setting up for Internet / Accessible from anywhere :

Basically there are no actual differences between configuring wow to be accessible from LAN except :

  1. You need to use your public ip address instead of your lan ip address (you can see your public ip by visiting
  2. You need to configure your router to forward port 3724 and 8085 (and no don’t forward the port used by MySQL, because previously someone port forward the mysql port too)
  3. If you use firewall, allow connection to your computer on port 3724 and 8085 too

Note : If you’re having problem on port forwarding / do not understand how port forwarding works, then i suggest you to visit this page

But what if you ran the realmd and mangos server on the same computer and you’re trying to connect to it (connect to the same computer where mangos and realmd process started) ? and yes i’m sure you want to play using this method if you only have 1 computer in your home like me

Then you need to follow this step :

  • Look at your public ip from and make a note of your public ip address

Your public IP Address

  • Sign up with Dynamic DNS service such as , or and set up your desired dns name to your public ip address
  • Use the newly created DNS name as the address for realmd.realmlist instead of your public ip address (using the same sql command on example above)
  • Look at your lan ip address using the above example
  • Open C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts using notepad or your favorite text editor
  • add new lines using below format at the bottom of the hosts file

your-lan-ip-address     your-newly-created-dns-name

  • save it
  • adjust the to use your newly created dns name
  • set up port forwarding
  • and you’re done :)

Please note, only invite trusted people to your wow server (for example your friends only) and do not attempt to create real public server unless you really know what you’re doing ;)

Well … that’s all about it … and at this time you should be able to get your friends to play on your server … unfortunately you still need to add your friends account manually which is not good for LAN Party Server

So for the next part i’m going to tell you how to set up webserver with php on your computer so your friends can register account easily ;)


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563 comments on “Creating Public Server for LAN Party – Setting up Private WoW Server

  1. Omg i am at my wits end with this i am trying to set up a LAN server using my IP address i have used what you have said to do and have tried to log on to WoW on another CPU on the network it says cannot Validate game version plz check the sit blah blah blah once the realm is up and running how do i get into that through WoW??

    1. i was having problems with that so i found the text in the world.conf file and changed the section for suported versions to “99999” so that way i will work with updates

  2. Hey, just browsing thrue the comments, and found that there are a lot of questions regarding the use of the MySQL CLI.

    When using it, note the following:

    Every statement MUST be closed with a ‘;’ or else it’ll just start a new line for the same statement.

    You don’t have to enclose a table or fieldname within the database with a ‘. You should, however, use it when entering strings, or words / phrases as variable to store.

    Also, regarding the connectivity problems, read up on the basic principles of network addressing and possibly even WINS or DNS. This should resolve a lot of problems.

    Personally I make full use of the DNS server in my router because it enables me to tinker with the LAN with LAN-Parties and testing computers. I use the NetBIOS name of my server computer instead of an IP address. This means I can plug the server in a different routerport without the hassle of reconfiguring Mangos or the router.

    Hope that helped

  3. I know problem is in hosts –, but if I change it( to my IP, I can’t connect.. And other ppl too… Whats the problem may be? I allready learned from a-z that, but he says I gonna choose my router’s model, but I don’t have it… 2 weeks lookin in anykinds of mangos guides and still nothing, cuz everywhere “router, router, router”…

    1. dont change the add a new line with the exturnal ip address and dns server name to your host list

  4. … Dunno what going on. In first, I downloaded Mangos repack, MySQL, Navicat… Created everything what I need in, typed in hosts (!) (why instead of my lan ip? cuz otherwise I can’t connect in all). typed in CMD everything what is needed (UPDATE `realmlist` ….. to my lan IP), typed my dynds name in realmd.realmlist(tryed instead of that with my lan ip), opened ports in Firewall, typed address in, SO I can connect, everything is REALY fine, exept that, like no1 can connect to me. Letts get back to Hosts… If I type my lan IP instead of I get “Unnable to connect”. Still, no1 can connect to me. Portforwarding? Answer – I’m using LAN/Local Area Connection and when type my IP into i-net browser, nothing going to happen… COULD YOU PLEASE help me, answering step by step what to do? Cuz I’m not verry well in those things… btw, sry for my english, I’m far away from your country :) Thank You Very Much!

  5. Hey Guys, I have a good knowledge of port forwarding and such, even when I tried to do a port range on a D’link router (which doesnt have the option to port range)

    But my problem is, I can connect to my server perfectly

    People outside my network can connect to my server perfectly

    People OTHER than me INSIDE my network, like my brother, cannot connect to my “No-Ip or Dyndns” address, but when I put my internal IP inside the file on my brothers computer, It gets as far as connecting to realm, then it just basically timesout on “Connecting”

    I need some help to make sure my brother can connect to my server too.


  6. lol, just figured it out a sec after posting here
    anyways here’s the solution to those who get stuck on that one — you must use the ‘ marks and not the ` marks around the ip address…

  7. i’m getting the ERROR 1054 (42S22): Unkown column ‘’ in the ‘field list’ when entering:
    update `realmlist` set `address` = `` where `id` =1;
    haven’t seen the solution here yet.. so any help?

  8. It works fine till I try to change the IP I ger
    ERROE 1064 : you have an error in your sql syntax; cheack the manual that corresponds to your mysql server version for the right syntax to use.
    I’m useing the most up to date versions/ OS=Windows

  9. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! 3 dayz in to this……mind….going…..slowly but surely……becoming insane!!!!! I have followed every step….5…6…7…hell probably 10 times a day…… I can log on with ease! but my lil bro in the other room on the same network gets stuck at..connecting..WE CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHY!!!! someone please help before i throw my computer in the POOL!

    1. Same problem here, i think all my ports are forwarded to the server so they bypass my other pc

  10. Hey all,

    quick question, I am able to access my server over LAN while using my dns address from no-ip by changing the contents of the host file in windows/system32/drivers/etc… but I was wondering, can I access my server from the internet rather than my LAN while im connected to my LAN e.g

    Server connects to router. (ports forwarded correctly and tested using utorrents handy scanner).

    PC1 connects to router then to server as directed by host file.

    PC2 connects to router then to my dns then back into the router then to server.

  11. I am having a problem connecting to my Mangos server on my LAN. I am able to do it from the computer running the server just fine. And all I have in my realmlist on my server computer is “set realmlist (server lan IP here)” I think I can connect no problems because the realmlist is looking for the IP of the computer it is on. But when I try from another computer on the LAN, I put the same thing in the and it just sits at the “connecting” and then pops up cannot connect.

    I have not set up port forwarding because I didnot think this was needed on a private LAN, but was I mistaken? I am using default ports from the program, which ones should be forwarded? Or is it simply a problem with the realmlist on the computers on the LAN, am I missing something in the

    Do i need to change the windows host file?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. TY.

  12. Yo hello all. I have been trying to get a LAN setup to work (non-LAN works fine), but I can’t seem to get it working. I am trying to do it over a switch, no router invovled. I get the realm looping problem on the other computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. If you’re using reaper mangos 5472, just go into the Reper eazy mangos thing and put in all your info. Then use option 5 (Set up for LAN Party) then follow the instructions. Then put the same Vers of WoW on the other comp, change the IP to your servers IP then run the server, and connect with the other comp. Thats what I did, and it worked, while this tut did not

  14. I have set up everything according to the walkthrough, and when I go to log in it keeps saying my password is incorrect or account does not exist. my is fine, etc etc. Any ideas?

  15. Well i cant follow step where i should use command use realmd, it says unknown command and thats where it stops. Can anyone help ?

  16. yes I’ve successfully set up my own private server but my friend can’t connect from his house to my server. Can you help me? I read through your instructions but to be honest with my ADD it all seems like greek to me can you please help? email me at [email protected] if you can I also have aim and yahoo messenger. thanks for reading my request. :)

  17. Hello reaper-x, iam sure the anwser for my question is somewhere in the comments, but reading them like reading a whole book… so, here is the question:

    well, i did everything just as u wrote in the guild, i made all the config the way it would be able to connect to myself .. just like single player … and well, i can connect, BUT…
    i can’t connect to realm itself.. i can see it , i click on it, the Wow displays a massage “connected” but .. it just wont let my pass past this point … what should i do ? =)