Configuring Mangos for TBC Server or WoW Classic Server – Setting up Private WoW Server

Please check the new version on how to create wow private server for better version. Besides the new guide list everything in a single page for easier reading

This is the second part of the Creating your own World of Warcraft Server using Mangos

  1. The First part is all about Installing and Configuring MySQL on your Windows Machine
  2. The Second part is about Configuring the WoW Mangos itself
  3. The Third part is all about Setting up Private WOW Server for Lan Party
  4. The Fourth part is all about Installing and Setting up Apache Webserver with PHP

Okay and before i start i’d like to warn you first especially to those who’s using Dial Up Connection because there are a lot of images used here and the previous mysql installation guide although i’ve optimized it further

Without further ado … here’s the guide ;)

Requirements :

If you’re planning on creating :

The Burning Crusade Server :

  • Compiled Mangos Revision 3900 or above for Win32 / Windows (the latest revision compatible with latest SDB at the time i wrote this post) but feel free to upgrade it later if you want but do not forget to update the SDB too
  • SDB Full Dump by Ozay Turay (to make thing simpler) that is compatible with Mangos Revision 3900+
  • Latest Ad.exe to extract map from Mangos SVN Repository
  • Latest DBC Extractor

Okay i’ve decided to upload my own compiled mangos to make thing easier, for more info see this new post

Btw … the installing mysql part is still the same … so if you need information on how to install mysql refer to the part 1

Note : Since most people who compiled Mangos for Win32 already included DBC and Map Extractor in their release you should use that one first. And unfortunately i can not give direct link to the files so you must try it by yourself and judge which version is the best for you :)

Btw some people prefer (especially to those who’s using high speed internet access – not me of course –) to download the extracted maps and dbc from somewhere rather than extracting it directly so if you are using the same high speed connection you might like to use this option

World of Warcraft Classic Server :

  1. Compiled Mangos Revision 3462 for Win32 / Windows by Maxis
  2. Compatible SDB Full Dump for Mangos 3462 with Changesets 156
  3. Compatible Map and DBC Extractor

That’s it … unfortunately since it is using the old mangos revision you’ll notice more bugs compared to latest / newest version for TBC … and since i dont have TBC Client installed, i can only give you a how to guide to configure your mangos server based on my experience when doing remote assistance to someone who asked for help via MSN

Btw if you’re going to create WoW Classic server you can use my extracted DBC Files

Side Note : Basically since there are no differences on creating WoW TBC Server and WoW Classic Server the only thing you should change is just the filename … don’t worry if you don’t understand what i’m talking about right now, soon you’ll know about it :)

Creating Directory Structure :

Okay i assume you’ve finished downloading all the required stuff and now its the time to configure your mangos. But before that you need to extract the required files first into your harddrive and organize it before starting to configure mangos (although this step optional but i think organized directory structure looks better but that is just my own opinion)

Look at the image below for a good explanation about this :

Wow server directory structure

  1. The daemon directory is where you should extract the mangos program itself
  2. The data directory is where you should put the extracted maps and dbc folder (soon you’ll know about this process)
  3. The SDB is just a temporary directory to be used when importing the SQL Files

Extracting Maps and DBC Files from World of Warcraft Game :

Now this is when the ad.exe and dbc extractor came. But first we are going to use the ad.exe. And here’s the step

  1. Copy the ad.exe into your WoW Game directory (usually C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft)
  2. Create folder called maps
  3. Run the ad.exe and wait until its finished
  4. Move the maps folder into C:\WoW\data (if you’re using the same directory structure like me)

Extracting maps

After you’ve finished extracting maps now it is the time you use DBC Extractor … and here’s the step to use it

  1. Extract the MPQE.exe (and it’s dll if available) into your WoW Game Data directory (C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data)
  2. Create shortcut to the MPQE, right click on it and choose properties and adjust it’s target into “C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\MPQE.exe” /p dbc.MPQ DBFilesClient\*.dbc
  3. Run the shortcut and wait until it finished
  4. Rename the DBFilesClient folder into DBC
  5. Move the DBC folder into C:\WoW\data (if you’re using the same directory structure like me)

If you want a more detailed explanation look at the screenshot below

Creating Shortcut

and then the shortcut properties

Properties of Shortcut to DBC Extractor

Importing the SDB Files :

Okay we have finished extracting the maps and dbc files required for mangos, now we need to import the database first before you can run mangos program

and here’s the summary on how it done :

If you’re going to create WoW Classic Server

  1. Extract the SQL files from my mangos sql dump into C:\WoW\SDB (if you follow my directory structure)
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Run the sql query from the command prompt (look image below for an example on how to use the query)

Command to use to import the mangos sql files

and here’s what it’ll looks like when it’s finished

SQL Import Process Finished

Note : Because some people prefer to see the importing process (some say it’s like Matrix .. lol), i decided to use -v (verbose) switch but if you prefer not to see it you can safely remove the -v switch

If you’re going to create TBC Server

Here’s the summary on how it’s done :

  1. Extract the SDB Full Dump for Mangos Revision 3900 into C:\WoW\SDB
  2. Extract the Mangos Program / Archive into C:\WoW\Daemon\Mangos
  3. Go into C:\WoW\Daemon\Mangos\SQL
  4. Copy the create_mysql.sql and realmd.sql into C:\WoW\SDB
  5. Open the Command Prompt
  6. Execute the same query as above but adjust the filename first

An example on how to execute the query is like below (you must do this in order) and using the same path as the above image

  1. mysql -u root -p -v < create_mysql.sql
  2. mysql -u root -p -v -D realmd < realmd.sql
  3. mysql -u root -p -v -D mangos < the_filename_used_on_sql_dump_from_e_turray.sql

And that’s it you’re finished importing the database required :)

Editing Mangos Configuration :

You’ve finished extracting maps, dbc and already imported the database required but now what else ? of course you need to edit the mangosd.conf file itself

Now here’s the summary on how it is done :

  1. Go into C:\WoW\Daemon\Mangos
  2. Open the mangosd.conf using wordpad (you can not edit it using notepad, because it is using Unix Line Break)
  3. Change the datadir into C:\WoW\data
  4. Save it

Now here’s some screenshot of the mangos configuration file editing process :

Editing mangosd.conf

Inside mangosd.conf

Make sure everything is working as it should :

Now you’ve done almost everyting required to make your own wow private server … now before started playing it you need to make sure that everything is okay before starting to connect to your own server

Here’s how it is done :

  1. Run the realmd.exe (C:\WoW\daemon\mangos\realmd.exe)
  2. Run the mangosd.exe (C:\WoW\daemon\mangos\mangosd.exe)
  3. See if one of the above process close itself automatically or not. If one of the process close itself automatically after launched that means there’s something wrong with your configuration try restarting the configuring process from the beginning

And now here’s the screenshot if your mangosd and realmd process is working as it should :

Realmd process launched

Mangosd process launched

The last step for configuring mangos and wow, editing the Realmlist used by WoW to connect :

After everything is okay, now there’s one more thing left for you to do … which is editing the file inside your WoW Game directory (C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\ using your favorite text editor. You can use notepad or wordpad to do this

The default file should be like this :

set realmlist

and then change it into

set realmlist

Creating Test Account for yourself :

Okay now you’ve created and set up everything but there’s still one more thing left and that is creating a test account with normal player status for yourself. And this process is really simple actually all you have to do is just typing this on the mangosd window (above image)

create desired_username desired_password

Okay that’s it you just created a test account that can be used to connect to your own wow server. If you get error message and / or stuck at realm loop i’m sure there’s something wrong with your configuration or you’re not using compatible mangos / wow client

That’s all for this part … stay tune for the next part ;)

As a side note, this is the first time i’m using lots of images on my guides and i’m looking forward to your opinion about this (tell me if you like it this way or would you prefer text with few screenshot or images) :)

Update :

To those who’s still having problem with Mangos like finding the correct mangos version,etc. I’ve decided to upload my own compiled Mangos Revision 4431 with Scriptdev2 241, and also included DBC Extractor (Thanks to XLayer for his DBC Extractor) and VMaps Extractor. And also mirrored the SDB 0.7.3 with Changesets 208 from

And here’s the file :

  • Mangos 4431 with ScriptDev2 124
  • SDB 0.7.3 with Changesets 208

Another Update : See my new post about new Mangos 4488 Update with Silvermoon Database … and tested with WoW 2.1.3 Client … just look at the screenshot below

All you have to do (i assume you’ve completed all of the steps involving mysql installation, and also already extract the DBC and VMaps files) is just :

1. Import / Overwrite the database with this new SDB (if you want the easiest way to start all over again from the Importing SDB step, you can execute the create-database.sql inside my Mangos 4431 archive (in reaper-sql directory) using this command :

mysql -u root -p < create-database.sql

mysql -u root -p -D mangos < SDB_0.7.3_Changeset_208_Rev1.sql

mysql -u root -p -D mangos < reaper4431.sql

Note : Make sure you’re in the same directory as the create-database.sql and the SDB_0.7.3.sql when executing that command

2. And then the next step is, importing the sql files inside the scriptdev2-sql directory (2 files) like below example (must be in order) :

mysql -u root -p -D mangos < scriptdev_full.sql

mysql -u root -p -D mangos < scriptdev_additional_req.sql

And you’re done :)

Perhaps the above might sound confusing for some people, so if you need help just leave comment here

Here’s a screenshot taken using Mangos 4488 Scriptdev2 134

Damn i'm looks great

Another Screenshot


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  1. When im running ad.exe this error comes up:

    Debug Error!

    Program: D:\Spel\World of Warcraft\Maps\ad.exe

    This application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the applcation’s support team for more information.

    (Press Retry to debug the application)

    If i press retry whole thing just shuts down
    Waiting for answer :) Thanks in advance

  2. I got so close,then i realized the compiled mangos revision 3900 link no longer works! can i get a new link please? so far this has been awesome,if i can get my own server up,it will be dedicated to you.

  3. the mangos link is broken. would you mind stickin another one up there so i can grab that mangos program?

    thanks a bunch! :)

  4. I got the same problem as Ajx
    When i run MPQE.exe shortcut
    it pops up less then a second then its gone
    i cant find any of the DBFilesClient folder.
    Im pretty sure its just a small thing im doing wrong, but i cant seem to find it :(

    and thanks for tutorial :)

  5. #ReaperX: Thanks!

    #Cara: I think between the NULLs and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, that’s supposed to be two single quotes, not a double quote. But I agree, it’s easier to do it from the mangos console.

  6. When I use the shourtcut MPQE a cmd window only shows for less then a second and I cant seem to find the DBFilesClient

  7. I’m using MySQL server v.5.0.41, and I still can’t get that to work, but I found another way,

    from the mangos command line screen, you can type

    setgm accountname 3

    seems simpler to me and it worked like a charm….

  8. # Poss

    Could you tell me which database version you’re using ? also did you get that error message when importing the Mangos SDB file or something else

    # Mikeh

    You can change it from the dabatase using this command :

    1. mysql -u root -p
    2. use realmd
    3. update `realmlist` set `name` = 'My Server' where `id` = 1;
    4. quit

    # Cara

    I’ve tried reproducing that error message by running the same query and i found nothing because it works just fine

    could you tell me which mysql version you’re using ?

    or you can also try reimporting the realmd sql (drop the previous table first but please note, you’re going to lose the previous data)

  9. Hiyah! great guide I’ve got my server working wonderfully, except when I try to make a GM account I get an error,… this is what I enter at the command prompt ( it is a TBC server, and is working, except for this GM thing )

    C:\>mysql -u root -p
    Enter password: **********

    mysql> USE ‘realmd’;
    Database changed

    mysql> INSERT INTO `account` VALUES (NULL, ‘*My username*’, ‘*My Password*’, ‘3’, NULL, NULL, NULL, ”, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, ‘0’, ‘’, ‘0’, ‘0’, ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00
    ‘, ‘0’,’1′);

    ERROR 1265 (01000): Data truncated for column ‘failed_logins’ at row 1

    Thanks in advanced! ^_^

  10. New question: Which file do I need to edit to change the realm name from ReaperX? I can’t find it in realmd.conf or mangosd.conf and I don’t know where else to look.

  11. SQL ERROR: Unknown colum ‘I’ in ‘field list’

    Got through all the errors, finally got it to work, and when I goto create it gives me this error -roll eyes-

  12. Works now. I may have been being an idiot and using the wrong button before (pretty sure I tried it, though).

  13. Everything seems to work, except when I try to talk to an NPC, it plays the sound of them talking but doesn’t give me a window.

  14. im really sorry i uploaded the wrong image (but now i’ve fixed it) :(

    to fix it just use -u root at the last part

  15. at the :If you’re going to create WoW Classic Server

    1. Extract the SQL files from my mangos sql dump into C:\WoW\SDB (if you follow my directory structure)
    2. Open Command Prompt
    3. Run the sql query from the command prompt (look image below for an example on how to use the query)
    I just press enter when it says “Enter password:”
    but the second time the “Enter password:” i hit enter again then i get the “ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘-p’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)
    then it just sends me back to “C:\WoW\SDB>”
    plz help !!!

  16. Well i have to say, it’s a really nice guide. keep and the good work, and the screens help alot, so keep em to :). I’ve made a fuctional classic WoW server with your other guide.

    But now, the MPQE part doesn’t work, i put the MPQE.exe in the Data folder of WoW (along with the .dll) and make a shortcut and so on, but when i run the shortcut it just says “dbc.mpq not found”.
    Hope you can help here.

    1. i cant get the mpqe part to work either..i dont have a file called dbc.mpq anywhere on my system…help!

  17. # Woodrick

    thank you very much for your kind comments :)

    # Player

    Well first of all i need to know which mangos revision you’re running (and did you get it from torrent or mangos website), and database also what WOW version you’re running ? is it the 2.0.12 (TBC) or 1.12.1 (Classic)

    1. Hello im haveing a problum geting up my server, i have it all working but i can talk,use gms commands or anything.Im thinking its because i dont have my patch lsit on 2.0.12 (Yes its a tbc server)Is this my problum and if it is how do i set it to 2.0.12.If you can help me my email is [email protected] plz help me :)

  18. hei, i got a problem. Can you help me?

    I have set up my mangos and everything seems to be working. Mangosd.exe and realmd.exe load without errors, but when i open my WoW and try to connect to it any account (the ones that i created or given ones) it goes through everything till “connected” waits there 30 secs and gives me “disconnected” … mangosd and realmd don’t show me any mistakes so i don’t know what to do. Help me if you can.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi i have a tbc wow server and i got it all set up and work but when im in game i cant talk or use gm commands is this because i have my patch list set higher than 2.0.12 plz help me if you can help my email is [email protected]

    2. I’m not sure if someone has already with this problem or if you have found out on your on… but for you and anyone else that is having the same problem…..when you create your account you are creating a normal user account. To set a GM level to an account, type “setgm [user name] [level of GM 1-3]”… it should look something like

      mangos>setgm mangopie 3

      Mangopie being the user name, and 3 being the level of GM, on the mangos server their are 3 levels of GM 3 being the one with the most access and 1 being the lowest. I’m not sure what each level of GM has access to, but 3 is admin and will allow you to do anything you want, given it is available in the mangos commands.

      Note: When logged into a GM account type “.commands” into the chat bar for a list of available commands.

    3. Hi, when i set it up i get to WoW and everytime i click the server MaNGOS it just returns to the Realm page