Football Manager 2007 … It’s been over a year since the last time i played this series

Recently i just bought a new soccer management game called Football Manager 2007 after previously i did not bought the FM 2006 this time i’m back at playing this game series again (yep … i’m a fans of Championship Manager / Football Manager series) … guess what the first time i played this game, i got surprised because there’re so many changes since the FM 2005 (and i have to familiarized myself with this game again)

Some changes i notice in FM 2007 are :

  1. You can ask your senior player to coach younger player
  2. You can talk to your player before match or half time or after match (although in the end i just leave this team talk stuff to Assistant Manager)
  3. Better exposure of the manager (you or other club manager)
  4. You can set your own contract value and it’s additional clause (hey i like this)
  5. New training screen (i dont know if the new training screen / method already available at FM 2006 but if it’s for me, i’m sure im seeing something different than before) …

and more …

As for tactics, buying players, etc. I did not notice any changes at all with the exception my previous FM tactics is not working anymore on this game :( (i mean not loading the tactics directly but by using the same instruction for all player and using the same formation)

Btw if you have this game installed on looking for additional software that might enhance your FM experience, i’d recommend these tools :

  1. FM Genie Scout : To help you searching good players and regen players (this is the most important tools for me) :P
  2. Football Manager Modifier 2.1.2 : This tool mostly useful for cheaters only !! or at least to those who doesnt want to lose their important players during special match … btw this tool is a memory modifier that can heal your entire team with just one button click (morale become Superb and condition set to 100%)

And if you currently looking for Graphics addon such as Skin, Super Pack or Face Pack for a complete league, or just a club. I’d recommend you to check this link :

  1. Simplementefutbol Superpack 924 MB : Although i can not speak / understand that language but the instruction itself is really simple so you can get it without problem. Btw this superpack contain lots of face pack although there’s duplicate for some of the players but i think its still better rather than seeing the player without a picture
  2. or feel free to check this topic at community

To those who’s still using unpatched version of FM2007 … then you should check the official FM website for the latest patch

As for the last, if you’re interested on applying to be a beta tester for Football Manager Live (you can see the description there), just go to this page … (i also try applying to be a beta tester too, although i do not know if they’re going to accept me or not)

And if you ask me, why i wrote this post eventhough FM 2007 already available since last year. The answer is because i prefer to wait before buying this game until Sports Interactive has released at least 2 patch (and yes … i’m using the 7.0.2 version directly although it says that Patch are compatible with saved game but i prefer to play this game after the patches has been installed)

As an addition, i write this after finished Season 1 :)


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