Windows XP SP2 Memory usage set to system cache, not good for me

Well … today i just went to change the Memory Usage option on Windows XP SP2 into System Cache because i’m just curious if these option are going to be useful for a computer that run mostly as a server. And as you already guessed, after changing the option i have to restart my computer, so i do it. After finished booting and logged in into Windows, i get this message from the TurtoiseSVN :

Faulting application tsvncache.exe, version, faulting module msvcr80.dll, version 8.0.50727.762, fault address 0x00008a8c.

Which is not normal, because i never get that message before switching the memory usage option. But since i can still use TortoiseSVN to fetch files from SVN Repository without problem, so i ignore that message. Then since i got bored, i tried to browse around the web but first i need to take a look at my Google Analytics account to see how this site statistic for today … so far without problem until i try to logout from my Google Account … and i get this another error message from Squid Proxy :

(10055) WSAENOBUFS, No buffer space available.

What the ?! I never saw that error message before, so i tried searching the web for the solution to this problem, but even when i try to search using Google, Yahoo or MSN (although i dont have any problem at all when logging in into my Google Account) … the page does not load properly (sometimes it just loading the top bar of Google, sometime it show me an uncompleted page, and sometime it shows me blank page) and this never happened before

Since previously i saw this error message from Squid, i tried to connect directly to the net without squid … surprisingly it worked just fine. But since i always prefer to use squid and can not browse the net without it, i tried to change some of my squid configuration .. such as cache_mem or any other memory related configuration in squid just in case this problem was caused because of memory (because buffer is written on the error message i get only when trying to logout from Google account), but still i get the same error message (at this process i’m sure i have try to reconfigure squid for more than 15 times)

Then i remember, that i just changed the memory usage option on Windows XP and try to switch back into the default setting … and after restarting, i try to browse the net again with proxy enabled … and guess what ? the problem dissappear by itself, even without changing the squid configuration

So … if you get the same error message like in this case (with or without running squid cache proxy) after changing windows memory usage option … you might try to switch back into the default memory usage options which is for programs not system cache and that means xp memory usage set to system cache is not good for you too


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One comment on “Windows XP SP2 Memory usage set to system cache, not good for me

  1. Actually the author of the article got off easy. Many users have had far more serious problems, to the point of having to reinstall Windows to restore operation.

    The setting is easily changed but it is not something to be done lightly. With rare exceptions it should only be done for systems used primarily as file servers. For other uses it will almost always be a bad idea.

    If you are contemplating making this change check the following article from Microsoft:

    Larry Miller
    Microsoft MCSA