Daemon Tools 4.09.1 and SPTD 1.43 / 1.45 problem with backup image ?

Previously (actually 2 days ago) i was able to play The Sims 2 (with it’s various expansion pack), and Football Manager 2007 using the backup image i have created before without problem at all. But yesterday, no matter what i do i always get the “Please Insert the correct CD-ROM, Select OK and restart application message” (obviously the game detect that i’m using backup image, because it’s worked fine if i’m not using the backup image) … which is kinda strange for me because just as i said before, i can run them without problem using CureROM or YASU

I tried restarting my computer for more than 5 times, installing new public beta SPTD Driver (1.45), tried using Protstop, etc. but still resulting in the same error message. And then i tried searching the net to anyone who’s experiencing the same problem as me and found one (although he is not playing the same game). And thanks to someone there, i was able to get the image worked again. Because i also experience the same problem 1 day after i updated Daemon Tools 4.09.1 (previously 4.03HE) with SPTD 1.43 (later updated to 1.45)

Ok … so what did i do to fix this problem ?

  1. Search the internet for Daemon Tools 4.08 (the bundled SPTD driver with this version is 1.37) because i can not locate the files in the Daemon Tools Archives …
  2. Download the SPTD 1.43 from DuplexSecure (or you can choose any version) just to uninstall SPTD Driver installed on my system and then reboot
  3. Uninstall Daemon Tools 4.09.1 from my system
  4. Install Daemon Tools 4.08 (Default SPTD driver bundled 1.37) … and then i tried running the game again using both YASU and CureROM … and it worked

So if you’re having the same problem like me, i’d suggest you to try this method too … btw since i can not find the SPTD 1.42 Driver, i just use the old SPTD 1.37 version


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