Have you tried using Optimized Firefox Build ?

So yesterday i decided to use an optimized Firefox build because the default Firefox build takes long time to load (even Opera is fast than Firefox installed on my system). Previously i think it was normal because i had many Firefox extensions installed

But … since i’m really curios about it, i decided to take a look at various Optimized Firefox Build for specific processor and found pigfoot firefox build site

As for the rest, i think you already guessed it … i downloaded the P3 Build because of this reason :

P3 build build with /GAL7 arch:SSE2 and mmoy’s SSE2 patches, for AMD Athlon 64, AMD Sempron, Pentium D, Pentium M, Pentium 4 and Celeron 1.7 GHz+

then extract it somewhere and then move it to replace the original Firefox installation on my system (because this build does not have installer). And this all means, i’m still using my previously installed firefox extensions and such stuff

As guess what ? the time required for loading Mozilla Firefox even with many extensions installed reduced by more than 50% (seriously, i’ve tested it many times because i do not believe it at first), compared to the original Firefox build that take ages to load

As for pages loading time, i did not notice any improvement at all (because – In my opinion – pages loading time are affected by your internet speed not your browser although if it is for me, my squid cache proxy really helped me a lot)

So … if you’re using Medium – High End processor and want to see how Optimized Firefox are better than the default build, i’d suggest you to use it too

Update :

I just found another great build by Tete and it can be found at this page. He provides various Firefox Builds for specific processor instruction or specific processor :)


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2 comments on “Have you tried using Optimized Firefox Build ?

  1. My new builds have used tete’s patches since, IMHO it can be faster than previous builds.

    You can try Firefox :)