FSP Blue Storm II 500W is still not enough for me ?

I just do not understand, how come everytime i get new PSU with higher watts and claims to provide higher ampere at +3.3V and +5V rails than the old power supplies (even for brand name power supplies such as my previous Enermax and Enlight), the +3.3 and +5 Voltage always below the recommended area (in other words there’s no change from the previous PSU) although there’s no new peripherals added and even worse i just bought this new PSU several days ago (because i read good reviews about this psu from various website such as from here, here and here) and no this time i do not overclock anything

From BIOS i saw this new psu only provides 3.28V (it always stay in this area and never reached 3.3) for the +3.3V, and 4.89 although at first i saw 5.05 on the +5V rail. And i’m sure that value will be much lower than this after being used for about 6 months or more (which result in unexpected system crash). Other than that, i also saw the same value from Lavalyst Everest, SiSoft Sandra, and ITE Smart Guardian (although i did not check it via wire method like this guy done here)

Quoted from that page :

good because the 5 and 12 were sligtly low (4.96/11.92) but verry stable under load (voltage actualy came up about .02v) and i was able to bring them both up with the 1 pot.

the 3.3v is still allitle low (3.28 idle, 3.29 load) and i dont think there a pot for it. and all measurements are from wires not bios or a monitor.

And i agree with his words, because that’s what i experienced with this new FSP Blue Storm PSU with the exception my +12V rail is normal

I do not know if there’s anyone who’s using the same power supplies like me or not, but if you do use it … of course i’d be delighted if you can tell me your +3.3 and +5 rails (even better tell me your complete computer specification) so i can compare it to mine


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  1. i just bought this and it sure have the same problem with you about the 3.3, it show 3.28 in my bios, but the 5 and 12 is above. and that is the difference between mine and yours.
    i use stabilizer (motorized) as in between my bluestorm ii 500w and my home ac power…