Goodbye Barton … Welcome X2

Yesterday, my old computer which is using AMD Athlon XP Barton Core 2600+ combined with Albatron KX18D Pro II Mobo finally leave this world :P … after serving me for more than 5 years

Although at the same day i just bought a new 500 Power Supply (FSP Blue Storm II 500 Watt) but it seems the mainboard / the processor can not hold it any longer

And since i just can not live without my computer, today i bought a brand new computer / peripherals (actually not all of them are brand new because i just need to replace specific part that can not be brought over from my old computer)

And here’s what my new computer specs are :

  1. AMD Athlon64 X2 4200+
  2. Kingston DDR2 667 1GB
  3. OFI Infinity Ultra II — M2
  4. ATI Radeon X1050
  5. Microsoft Wired Desktop 500
  6. FSP Blue Storm II SCOW
  7. Generic Computer Case

The only thing that makes me go mad from my new specs is … the Microsoft Wired Desktop Keyboard + Mouse and that is because i’m not used at the new HOME, END, INSERT, PAGEUP, PAGEDOWN key position, as for the mouse … well … i do not really care about it beside this is the first time i have an optical mouse lol

And like always, everytime i bought new hardware especially when it comes to Motherboard and Graphic Card … i always visit the manufacture website first in order to get the latest driver, and bios update for the motherboard (although i did not see any significant changes from the default bios that came with my mobo)

As for the rest i’m still using the old parts left from my previous computer, except that can not be used on this new Mainboard type (such as DOR1, AGP Card, and processor, heatsink, etc …)

Hopefully this new computer can last for about 5 years or more

And as a side note, if you’re using Athlon64 X2 (Dual Core System) … you might be interested on the following link :

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Drivers Update and Utilities : If you enable Cool n’ Quiet Feature of your K8 Processor, you might download the latest processor drivers from that link. And you’ll also find AMD Dual Core Optimizer there

Note : Im using both KB896256 from Microsoft and also installed the above two software on top of it … and i did not see any problem from it. Although some people experiencing problem when installing them both


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5 comments on “Goodbye Barton … Welcome X2

  1. Cieeee…komputer baru nih yeeee…X2 lageee!!!!Sangar boszzz!!!!hehe..
    (Sorry For Using Indonesian Language Because My English Not So Good…Peace!!!)