Creating WoW Private Server the easier way (perhaps)

Please check the new version on how to create wow private server for better version. Besides the new guide list everything in a single page for easier reading

This is the old version of my WoW Private Server Guide, the new version that gives you a detailed step (with images) can be found at below links :

  1. Installing MySQL
  2. Setting up the Mangos
  3. Just in case you want to create lan party
  4. Setting up the webserver to put registration page

Maybe my previous post about creating WoW private server is a little bit confusing for some people and that’s why i create another post on how to set up world of warcraft private server once again but this time … i promise it is not going to be confusing like before :D … and actually i should be thanking everyone who put comments on my previous post, because of their comments i was able to get new topics for my blog … hahaha

Okay and that’s all on the introduction part … now let’s start the guide, but before that please keep this in mind, this guide tested with 1.12.1 World of Warcraft Client (known as WoW Classic) non modified in any part and tested to work with Mangos Revision 3462, but this guide can also be used if you’re going to create The Burning Crusade server although you’ll need to get different database dump from someone else, and of course getting the newer mangos release :

Required Software

1. Mangos Revision 3462 : The mangos release is compiled by Maxi and this release also include the following patches :

  • ScriptDev2 R34
  • Honor 0.71
  • MCH 1.5c

And just like i said to make thing easier, i upload this mangos release (just in case Maxi reading this, and he does not want me to upload his file here … let me know immediately so i can remove it … because i already forgot where i get his release) .. i think it is from his userbeam / beam something folder

2. Complete SDB with Changesets 156 : Because there’re problem for some people when importing each changeset, i decided to release the SDB used by me … and this SDB updated till changesets 156

But i also include, the create database, and realmd database to make thing even easier

3. MySQL : Essential program, the above 2 files can not be used if you dont have this installed :)

4. Map & DBC Extractor : This is tested to work with World of Warcraft Client version 1.12.1 and Mangos Revision 3459 and Revision 3462 only

But just as i said before, to make thing simpler. I’ve uploaded the DBC Files (maps not included because the file size is bigger than i thought, and my connection speed is nothing compared to all of you) .. and that means all you have to do is just using the ad.exe / map extractor to extract the WoW Maps

Mirror to download the above files if you’re having problem with Megaupload :

  • Complete SDB Dump for Mangos 3462 WoW Classic
  • Mangos 3462 by Maxi
  • World of Warcraft 1.12.1 DBC Files

Let’s Start

I assume you’ve already downloaded the required software and already installed it (for more in-depth WoW Mangos installation please refer to my previous post)

1. Install the MySQL Software and configure it accordingly, in this example MySQL installed in C:\MySQL and using the default root password which is blank

2. Extract the Complete Database file somewhere in your harddisk, and you’ll see there’re 3 files :

  • create-database.sql
  • realm-database-full.sql
  • mangos-full-for-rev3462.sql

Run it by using this command (this time i make sure to use the default path instead of using command which is already set in environment variable path) from Start Menu => Run => cmd (this cmd can only be used in Windows XP) or command (Win9x) => and change to the extracted directory :)

  1. C:\MySQL\bin\mysql.exe -u root < create-database.sql
  2. C:\MySQL\bin\mysql.exe -u root -D realmd < realm-database-full.sql
  3. C:\MySQL\bin\mysql.exe -u root -D mangos < mangos-full-for-rev3462.sql

Note : The create database will also drop your realmd and mangos database if it is found .. i do this in order to make thing easier (how many times did i say this words in this post) lol

Yet another Note : Extract the database into the same path where your MySQL bin located, or if you already extracted it somewhere adjust the path like below for example :

C:\MySQL\bin\mysql.exe -u root < X:\where_SDB_extracted\create-database.sql

3. Put the downloaded DBC Directory somewhere, in this example C:\WoW\Data\DBC

4. Copy the ad.exe into your WoW installation directory also create directory called maps and run it .. and wait till finished and move the maps directory into C:\WoW\Data\maps

5. Extract the Mangos file somewhere, for example C:\WoW\Mangos. And open the mangosd.conf and edit the DataDir into something like below

DataDir = “C:/WoW/Data”

If you’re using the example path given in this guide, you can use the above datadir configuration

6. Run the mangosd.exe and realmd.exe …. and you’re finished :D configuring the server

7.I’m sorry i forgot to write the last step in this post (thanks to GreekSoul). Now since you’ve finished configuring the server all you have to do now is configuring the client (WoW game) to connect to your server instead of using the default / official server. And it can be done by open the in your WoW Game directory and change the realmlist into … and you’re all set

Common Question

I create this part thanks to all the commenters before … especially to metaltildea, PepsiG, Xtonic, luke, Venomz, etc

Q : hay me again it works but the CMD thing it says that the thing u wrote up dosnt exist on the second time
so it wont make the directory :(

A : If you tried to run the mysql command directly without setting it to use the env. variable path, you’ll get that error message … also CMD only work in Windows 2K (correct me if i’m wrong because i already forget about it) and Windows XP (guaranteed to work)

Q : I forget about the signs that dont let me post it.. ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user `username @ localhost` (using password: NO)

A : That error message means, you’re trying to use wrong password for a username, username does not exist, etc .. but in this case, you’re trying to use non existent username (because it was an example)

Q : ERROR 2017 (HY000): Can’t open named pipe to host: . pipe: mysql (2)

A : If you’re trying to use named pipe (this mysql feature only can only be used on NT series such as Windows XP) and you havent configured mysql to do so .. you’ll get that message … to fix it you just have to put below line into you my.ini file (do not forget to restart the mysql service after you done)


Q : Can i import the official data from Blizzard server into my mangos server ?

A : The answer is no, because … blizzard is using different server software which is not available to public .. and no one have access to their server :P ..

Q : my add.exe wont run in my wow map

A : Did you create the maps folder first ? if you did not create it you’ll get an error message. Also you’ll need to run it in your root directory of your WoW installation directory

Q : I can’t run ad.exe or MPQE

A : Im sure there’re missing runtime in your windows system, try downloading and installing below 2 files first and see if it’s fixes the problem or not

Microsoft .NET 2 Runtime
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package

Q : ERROR 1264 at line 294: Out of range value adjusted for column ‘waittime’ at row 1

A : You’re trying to insert value higher than the allowed value specified in your mysql table … but in this case, this error message seems strange, because i have no problem importing the SDB files including it’s changesets … and that’s why i create this post and upload my database dump :)

Q : I want to be a GM in my mangos server

A : Look at the step #10 in my in-depth explanation on setting up mangos server (do not copy paste the text directly because it’ll give you error message) … and if you get other error message just leave comment here :)

Q : What are the GM Commands ?

A : After making your account to be a GM account, type this ingame .commands and you’ll see available commands to use

Q : My friends can’t connect to my server ?

A : Try checking your configuration especially at port configuration, and make sure there’s no conflict

Okay that’s all for now … i’ll be sure to update this post / create new post if i found something new from you :)


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459 comments on “Creating WoW Private Server the easier way (perhaps)

  1. I’ve got the server up and running. I just need to know how to let my friends connect to it…

    Thanks again.

  2. im now trying the first step, but it keep saying it cannot find the file specific. but im sure i typed correctly
    do u know why?

  3. Hi!
    The thing is great, but I can’t get the coding to work. I have all the files, but the code says it doesn’t exist.

  4. This suck, When i put the AD.exe in my wow installtion dir and create a dir called maps and run AD.exe it’s just poping up errors, and besides that, I cant run those sql files , This is really a bad tut, You dont explain where i shoeld run it or what program i shoeld use, Really bad :S, I want a more understandable tut, Please ?

  5. Sure thing, but unfortunately, I’m rather noobish and don’t know how to access my mysql installation directory. Sry bout this, but I’m learning! Thanks again for your patience.

  6. # somi

    yes its possible to create high rate server like that because all you have to do is just edit the mangosd.conf and set the XP rate from Quest,etc into 10000 or more ;)

    but i do not recommend you to set drop rate higher than 10 (i tested it in 1, 5, 10, 100, and 1000) .. both 100 and 1000 drop rate cause problem with quest

    # GreekSoul

    hm .. if you cant connect to the mysql server on localhost, im sure the mysql service is not started. try start the mysql service first by using below command (type it in run)

    net start mysql

    if the mysql service cant be started try searching for *.err filetype in your mysql directory and post the log here :)

    # carbon

    im sure there’s something wrong with your mysql configuration .. maybe you could try posting the error log here, so i can see it ?

    to look for the error message, search for a filename *.err in your mysql installation directory and then open it using your favorite text editor (for example notepad)

    # Dhaka2

    if you could tell me which step you’re stucked at maybe i can tell you how … or if you could give me a suggestion on how to improve this guide further :)

  7. Hey there. I can’t install mysql. I went to the services.msc like you said, but i get the error: ERROR 1067, could not start the process locally. Please, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  8. Ok thx i found the window … but now im doing the step to create an account ( step 10 in your other guides ) im writing ( -u GreekSoul -p ) press enter now its asking me for a password , i enter the password then press enter but its writing me ERROR 2003 : Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘ localhost ‘ :S ( i enter MySQL in the environement system path ! ) and still writing me that , so i tryed to create a GM account but still writing the same error after i tryed this commands ( USE `realmd`; ) and tell me that the commands is not recognized like an internal command ect….. ! :S i just need to create a account to play in my server but im stuck at this stage ! if you could help me or tell me another way to create an account so i can play in my server ( i want a GM account ) ( please note i have entered MySQL in System environement path )

  9. if you already have a private server using the latest version of WoW can you bring it online so other ppl can play? how do u change the xp/item-drop/gold-drop using this method?

  10. i was wondering how to get the latest verson of WoW onto a private server so it can be just me and a couple of friends?

  11. Can u make me a server i cant do anything, i tried everything but still nothing. if u could make me a server i wouldnt know how to repay you. i am begging u to make me a server and give me the realmlist

  12. # meza

    Your welcome meza :)

    # GreekSoul

    dont worry about it, beside that’s what this comment form used for :)

    and actually you type it in real command prompt window (type cmd at run) and then continue to type the sql query and you’re finished

    but you can also use mysql client to do the same thing if you don’t want to type the whole sql command

  13. Q : I want to be a GM in my mangos server

    A : Look at the step #10 in my in-depth explanation on setting up mangos server (do not copy paste the text directly because it’ll give you error message) … and if you get other error message just leave comment here

    I Was Asking myself about that , i tryed to Do It But i dont find the mangosd window and i dont know where to enter the commands to create an account

    10. Now you can connect to your own server, if you want to create new user account you can do so by typing create username password from the mangosd window (it’ll create normal user account). But if you want to create GM account you can do so by typing this from normal command line (type cmd in the run command) and type below lines :

    where i type these lines ? in the mangosd window , but where i can poped out this window ? i don’t find where i can start this window …. sorry its very embarrassing but i don’t find where i can pop out these window!!!!! thx for taking of your time to answer me ! very apreciated !


  14. # Greeksoul

    Im so sorry GreekSoul, i forgot to add the last step which is involved editing the realmlist file (i forgot i wrote it in my previous post) lol

    And thank you very much for telling me about this .. and this post has been updated now

    # Meza

    I dont know much about pet in wow but i didnt see anything related to pet in changelog 3462

    btw here’s the changelog of Mangos 3462 (3460 – 3462) from its svn :

    -Fixed compiler warning at float->uint32 conversion
    – Revert talent related code changes from [3460] until additional research.
    -Fixed “When player sends a mail with C.O.D and the mail expires and is returned to sender. And when original poster will take item back he must pay C.O.D and money are send to original reciver” – patch provided by Marty .. thx
    -Fixed: talents bonus loading: load auras after spell load and talent initialize. Patch provided by Ianos Gnatiuc.
    -Fixed: use special packet instead text notifier for instance warning about forced exit. Patch provided by TOM_RUS.

    And changelog for 3459 :

    -Fixed: update pet/charmed pvp state at owner player pvp state update.
    -Replace function Unit::isInCombatWithPlayer to more useful for neutral city guard scripting Unit::isAttackingPlayer.

    # ME24

    Ah it seems you’re trying to set up mangos for LAN ? if that’s the case try editing the realmlist table in realmd database, and configure it to use your lan ip address instead of the default

  15. Ok Thx For Your help ! i do all the steps and everything seem to had worked without some ERROR but now im wondering ” 6. Run the mangosd.exe and realmd.exe …. and you’re finished ” its ok i run both of it and all seem to work properly but now how can i connect and play on my server ??? ( Sorry for my noobs question but i don’t know , i’m skilled a bit with computer and C++ ect… but first time i create a server and ect… ) thx for your help very apreciated ! ….

  16. hi i have revision 3459 i just wanted to know how i could update from my mangos to revision 3462 or if theres really a big difference or not if not i will stay how i am. mainly wanted to know if there was any new fixes for pets in revision 3462 that there werent in 3459 thanks

  17. Hi I have a problem connecting to the Mangos server from another pc. I can connect from if I run WOW on the server PC, but not from another. allready checked the realmlist file. Thanks

  18. Hello GreekSoul

    Did you ever installed mysql before ? btw what is your operating system ? is it windows xp ? if it’s windows xp try typing this at the Run in start menu


    and look if mysql service already installed there or not

    if it’s already installed, try right clicking on the mysql service and choose Start

  19. hey can you help me with mySQL im at the step where it tell me to configure the mysql server server instance where they are like 4 white spot whrited prepare configuration ,write configuration file , start service , apply security setting … i click on execute and there an X in the white circle beyond de start service and its writed CANNOT CREATE WINDOWS SERVICE FOR MySQL. ERROR: 0