How to Configure MaNGOS the World of Warcraft Emulator

Please check the new version on how to create wow private server for better version. Besides the new guide list everything in a single page for easier reading

This is the old version of my WoW Private Server Guide, the new version that gives you a detailed step (with images) can be found at below links :

  1. Installing MySQL
  2. Setting up the Mangos
  3. Just in case you want to create lan party
  4. Setting up the webserver to put registration page

It’s been a while since the last time i post something to my blog and that’s because i’ve been playing World of Warcraft in various private / public server, from WowScape, WowFusion, b3ckswow, etc (i’m switching various server because some of them always disconnect me a lot) …

But let’s keep that aside shall we ? because this time i’ll post a guide on how to setup your own world of warcraft private server using MaNGOS (i’m sure there are many other WoW Emulator out there, but i choose this one instead)

And as a note, currently i’m using the World of Warcraft classic version (1.12.1) and this guide might or might not be useful for you if you’re trying to setup TBC (The Burning Crusade) server

So here’s the step …

Update :

If you find this guide a little bit confusing, maybe you should try reading my new guide on how to create wow private server the easier way .. also to those who’s keep getting SQL error or want the easiest way of importing the sql, i already uploaded my mangos sdb (updated till changeset 156) and already tested to work with Mangos Rev3462

You can find all of the files required (including mangos itself) in my new post .. so be sure to check it out too ;)

Required Software :

  • MySQL : This is important because MaNGOS use MySQL as it’s database and currently i’m running the 5.0.xx version
  • MaNGOS : Without this you can not run a private server of course but do not forget to get the binary files instead of the source files unless you have Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 ++ installed and want to compile it by yourself (currently i only have MSVC 6 so there’s no way i can compile it, and the Visual Studio 2005 Express version is to large for me to download it)
  • Map Extractor (both of them included) :
  1. Ad.exe : This is used to extract maps files from your World of Warcraft files
  2. MPQE : This is used to create DBC files which is extracted from WoW games data too
  • SDB : This is the database used by MaNGOS and to make your private server playable of course this is a must. And the one you must download first is SDB FULL 0.6.2 including it’s hotfix and it’s update (you must register first)
  • New Update :

    Im sorry previously i did not upload the changeset 141 till 156 files because i thought everyone can find the changesets files easily (also i do not know if the SDB team allowed me to put that thing here) … but to make thing easier (and that’s the purpose) .. i decided to upload the changesets file here (if it’s not allowed i’ll removed it immediately) :

    You must run the sql files in order (eg 141, 142, 143, and so on) and the step to execute this sql script is described in step 5

    Optional Software :

    • MySQL Client such as Phpmyadmin, etc (although in this example i did not tell you how to use those mysql client) so feel free to use mysql client or not

    Special Note :

    • If you get an error message saying the maps files is outdated or anything similar to that message from the Mangos Log, that means the Ad.exe you’re using is incompatible (i have experienced this) and i’m pretty sure the Ad.exe you’re using is for the Burning Crusade client so try getting the old version a little bit
    • Im currently using Mangos Revision 3459, because the later revision from 3463 and above did not work for me (i have tested it) and i’m sure it was caused because i do not have TBC installed
    • Im currently using SDB 0.6.2 and updated till changeset 1.5.6
    • And as a reminder, i’m using World of Warcraft Client version 1.12.1

    Let’s begin …

    I assume you’ve downloaded all the required software and now as for the next step :

    Note : If you did not set up password for the root account of your mysql database the default password is blank .. but in this example i’ll write username as username and password as password :P

    1. Install MySQL and do not forget to enable InnoDB when prompted also check to make sure MySQL is in the Environment Variable Path … and activate the mysql service if you havent do so or if it is not started yet and you’re done installing MySQL

    Note : Setting up environment variable for mysql is necessary to make thing easier, because you can execute it from any location

    2. Extract the mangos program you’ve downloaded into your desired location for example, C:\WoW\Mangos

    3. Open the Run command (Start -> Run) and type cmd and press enter and you’ll see command prompt window

    4. Now type this in the command prompt :

    • cd /d C:\WoW\Mangos\sql
    • mysql -u username -p -v < create_mysql.sql
    • mysql -u username -p -v -D realmd < realmd.sql

    Note : Feel free to adjust database name to your liking but in this example i only show you the easiest way of doing it

    5. Extract the SDB Full 0.6.2 file, SDB 0.6.2 Hotfix, and SDB Update into desired location, for example C:\WoW\SDB and type this in the command prompt :

    • cd /d C:\WoW\SDB
    • mysql -u username -p -v -D mangos < SDB_0.6.2_FULL_DB.sql
    • mysql -u username -p -v -D mangos < SDB_0.6.2_FULL_DB_HotFix.sql
    • and continue with the update by typing the same command with the exception you must change the filename after “<” character

    Note : You must update the database according to it’s version number (0.6.2 Full database equal to changelog / revision 1.4.0) so the update you must get is 1.4.1 and above .. as an addition, it might take a while before the full database imported so you can take a break while doing so

    And now you’re done setting up database for MaNGOS … and feel free to delete the extracted sdb file

    6. Copy the ad.exe into your WoW game directory, for example C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft. And create maps directory in there and run the ad.exe .. and yet another break time :) .. and when this process finished move the maps directory into your desired location, for example C:\WoW\data\maps

    7. Now you’ll need to copy MPQE you’ve downloaded earlier into WoW games data directory, for example C:\Program files\World of Warcraft\Data. And now open command prompt again and type this :

    • cd /d C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data
    • MPQE /p dbc.MPQ DBFilesClient\*.dbc

    You’ll see another directory created called MPQOUT inside the data directory. Now go open that directory and rename the DBFilesClient directory to DBC, and move it into C:\WoW\Data\DBC for example

    Congratulation, now you’ve finished setting up the data required for mangos

    8. Now for the last step you’ll need to open the mangosd.conf inside the mangos directory and edit below lines :

    • Change the DataDir = “@[email protected]” into your data location inside the quotes, in this example it would be like this “C:\WoW\data”

    Now you’ve finished configuring Mangos and it’s database completely, as for the next step .. try running the mangosd.exe and realmd.exe and see if you can run it without problem or not .. if there’s no problem you can go to the next step (you do not need to close the realmd process and mangosd process)

    9. Go to your World of Warcraft game directory and open the file using notepad or other text editor program .. and edit it like below :

    • set realmlist

    Now you’ve finished configuring WoW to used your mangos server

    10. Now you can connect to your own server, if you want to create new user account you can do so by typing create username password from the mangosd window (it’ll create normal user account). But if you want to create GM account you can do so by typing this from normal command line (type cmd in the run command) and type below lines :

    • mysql -u username -p
    • USE `realmd`;
    • INSERT INTO `account` VALUES (NULL, 'username', 'password', '3', NULL, NULL, NULL, '', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, '0', '', '0', '0', '0000-00-00 00:00:00', '0');
    • quit

    To get commands for your GM account, you can type : .commands at the chat window inside the game

    That’s it you’re finished configuring Mangos and WoW to be played locally :) and here’s some screenshot (please don’t laugh on my equipment because i dont know anything about good items or equipment in WoW and that’s why i choose to play it locally first to learn about WoW) :)

    WoW Screenshot 1

    WoW Screenshot 2

    Updated Screenshot :

    WoW Screenshot 2

    WoW Screenshot 3

    WoW Screenshot 4


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    1. When I run mangosd.exe, it just closes right away. I have the lastest version of WoW and the burning crusade is installed. Realmd.exe works, everything else works, but mangosd.exe just closes right away.

      DOTCONF++: file ‘C:\Mangos\mangosd.conf’, line 31: unterminated quote Could not find configuration file mangosd.conf.

      Mangosd.conf is in fact in my Mangos folder, so what the hell? Everything is up to date, what’s going on here? Reaper please help me. Thanks.

    2. i’m still having problems with rapidshare they said that i’m already download the file but nothing. can u upload in other sites or send it to me by email [email protected] i really aprreciate it. i really really want to make this server done thx

    3. can u upload MPQE and SDB Changeset 1.4.1 – 1.5.6 on other sites such as rapidshare cuz i had problems downloading on megaupload. i really appriciate your help.

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      i dont know what to do if those guides also can handle 2.1.3 ? well if u know something plz tell me i need you

      Thanks Spiderpig

    6. Hi,
      sometime ago I posted here and asked how to make a link between an irc channel and the game so when someone chats in a channel in the game it shows in a channel on the irc server….and you said you didn’t have any ideas. Well then i kept looking and i found something and i thought maybe you would like me to tell you how and what you need….but first i`m asking you if you want me to…i will wait for your reply ;)

    7. Hey reaper if it helps im using the MAD server setup on youtube, but i heard you where like a genius so, i can get into the server and see MaNGOS on the realm list, but no matter how much i click “OKAY” it just says Logging into game server and then goes back to realm list


    8. I cant seem to get the Mangosd.exe and the realmd.exe (or whatever) to run, the two just flash on ther screen and that is it, also the ad.exe file keeps poping up with a debug error? plez can some one help!!!

    9. k, been doing alot of reading for the TBC server, tried a few out yesterday (spent all day working on it), and still cant get a working TBC server up. Gonna try getting a 1.12 one up and work from there. Will post what I find.

      sounds like you didnt set up the core SDB first then do the change_sets…. same problem I ran into earlier

      1. outdate ? try using the new ad.exe to extract the maps first .. btw which mangos version you’re trying to set up ?

    10. Hey Reaper,

      Awesome walkthru man, Im gettin started now DLing all this stuff. In Iraq atm, so its gonna take me a couple days. Trying to get a server up and running that we can all share over here. Will let ya know how it goes.

    11. can somebody please give me a web link to site where i can download a WoW emu that uses patch 2.1.3 BC
      and doesnt need internet connection or anything. and that i can make me wat ever level i want and have wat ever i want

      1. i’d suggest you to download the emulator first (mangos, ascent, etc), configure it … and you’re done :)

      [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@2

    13. Greetings nice work reaper.

      im still stuck whit my boat i dont use any sdb and changeset but my server work bt the boat still stuck sometime dunno what to do.

    14. Reaper, I have installed mangos and I can login and play in the world, but there are no monsters or npcs. I am using mangos 3462, sdb 0.6.2 with changesets 1.5.6 and I am using wow classic 1.12.1. Is something wrong with my versions or something??

      1. since i dont have mac, im not to sure if it’s going to work on mac or not :(

        i’ve only tested it so far on windows and linux (Centos)

    15. Hi,
      Sorry to repeat but i really need help !!
      Do you know any IRC script that can change the channel`s topic to the server status for example:
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      I have another question.. I have setup Mangos in a virtual machine (VMWare) and when i try to connect from my PC, i login correctly and i find the reaper but then it cannot continue to fix my character!!!

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      1. hm .. i dont really understand about the “fix my character” part . But i guess you’re having problem with realm loop or something ? is that correct ?