Connecting PS2 to PC using TV Tuner

I’m back again after taking a break for about a week or so if i recall correctly :) .. and this time im going to post about connecting ps2 console to monitor using TV Card / TV Tuner Cards. And if you ask me, why i did not use other method to connect my ps2 console to my monitor using other peripheral such as VGA BOX or something like that ? .. the answer is simple, because the only thing i have is just a low quality tv tuner from PixelView (Prolink) named Prolink PlayTV HD (it is an old tv cards and not many PVR program are support this tv tuner so if you decided to buy it, you might reconsider on choosing other card) but i also use my video card vivo capability

As a side note, i decided to connect my ps2 console into my pc monitor because my pc monitor is larger than my tv size :( .. other than that, my old tv can only support Mono Audio not stereo audio which is a big disadvantage for all music games such as Guitar Hero, Drum Mania, Guitar Freaks, etc. But the downside of this method is, you’ll need to turn on your computer whenever you want to play your ps2 (but it can be easily switched just in case you do not feel like turning on your computer)

Okay .. that’s all for the introduction, and now here’s what you’ll need in order to connect your ps2 output to your monitor :

Hardware :

1. TV Tuner with Composite Video In which is the most important peripheral before anything else or Video Card / VGA Card with ViVO capability

2. Soundcard … <= to record audio of course but im 100% sure your computer already has a soundcard even if it’s an onboard soundcard

3. RCA Y-Connector or Y Adapter to connect your ps2 audio output to your soundcard (recommended) or tv card

Software :

  1. Im using DScaler 4 and you can get it from here (Open Source / Freeware) .. <= small file size, and recommended or you can also use other software such as Media Portal (Open Source / Freeware) if your card supported or even you can use the bundled software from your TV Tuner card should you prefer
  2. Optional : Divx 6.1 ++ (i’m using Divx 6.4 Codec) that has High Speed Recording mode so you can record your ps2 into a video file

And here’s the step :

  1. Connect your ps2 video output cable (in this example it is using the composite output) or you can also say the Yellow Cable to the Video input of your tv card or your VGA Card
  2. Connect your ps2 audio output cable to Y-Connector and connect the Y-Connector into the Line-in of your soundcard
  3. Run DScaler and configured it to use your capture card and set the video source to composite
  4. And to make thing even easier, configure DScaler to automatically detect your PS2 Video Output (NTSC M/NTSC M JP/PAL BGHI) by checking the Automatic Format Detect on the Deinterlace menu
  5. Configure the rest of DScaler to your liking (to get the best thing possible from your card)
  6. and the results :


Updated Screenshots :

Capture Memory Card from PS2

Suikoden 5 Capture from PS2

That’s it .. now you can freely record your ps2 games easily =) or make a screen capture from your PS2 games ..


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  1. Hi great guide this was really what I was looking for since I just baught this new laptop that has an s-video input on I can enjoy ps2 games using my computer as a screen :)

    Anyway Im wondering if you know if I can use windows media center as the software for this?

  2. Anino, the port on the back of your 9600 is an S-Video Out. What you need is a Tv-in, which is why we are using Tv Tuners.

  3. Hello,

    You’re method enables me to connect my PS2 to my PC. Thank you very much. I’m currently using my TV
    tuner PixelView PlayTVpro and it worked fine though I did’nt like the result much even if I added some filters and deinterlacing method using DScaler4. I tried connecting my PS2 to my ATI Radeon 9600 PRO using SVideo cable and DScaler could not find any video signal so, no displays. Is there any way to make this work?

  4. hello,um i was searching on the net,any site or article involving such dicussion, and i am so glad i found it.this is really great ! i cant wait to try it out.I want to make sure i use the same accessories u used as well so i wont go wrong at all.This is really great ,u have really saved alot of people ………………..thank you,friend.

  5. it works fine, just one problem, any things in the games that have motion start looking wierd. i think its sumit to do with deinterlacing, can u help?

  6. # Rafael

    unfortunately i dont have any hardware recording tools such as handycam, mini dv,etc :(

    # joel

    try adjusting the mode manually

  7. i laod it and dscaler players teh game all blue tv tuner card winfast dtv1000 t leadtek
    cpu 2.6 duo (the new one cant remeber wat its called)
    grapics card 8800 gts

  8. Your welcome spidey99 :)

    as for quality, that depend on your tv card of course, because different tv card produce different results so i cant say much about it (beside the only tv card i’ve tested so far is only my current tv card because .. well .. i dont have that much money to get another tv card) lol

    and the same answer also applies to ViVo

  9. first of all thanks for all the info, they are really helpful.However, i have a problem about the quality.when the size of the window is small, game’s quality is good, but when i make it greater it gets blurry and ugly, fullscreen is even worse.So is there something you can suggest me to do???(my tv card is a fly 98)and whene it comes to Vivo thing, can i get a better quality if i use Vivo???

  10. # OSAZEE

    Do you mean playing PS2 games directly using your PC as emulator or ?

    # Michael Tetley

    First of all i’d like to thank you for visiting this site Michael :)

    Actually using dscaler is quite easy :) … you just have to configured the source to use the composite input (or corresponding input you’re using) and you’re all set

    but if you want to get the best thing possible from your card, i’d suggest you to play around on dscaler configuration (every tv card give you different results)

  11. I’ve always wanted to know if it is possible to connect a PS2 to a PC, and viewing this website, I’ve decided to have a go.

    I think I’ve wired up the console correctly to my VGA card and to the y-connector that you point out above, but I’ve looked at the software and I’m clueless on how to use it.

    A short guide on how to get the PS2 image playing on the monitor using this DScaler software would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  12. Dont worry im an Indonesian and my english also bad (you’re still better than me) lol

    as for your card, the only suggestion i can give is look at the dscaler supported card page and hauppage faq page (i’ve seen many people experiencing problem with this card) because i havent tried hauppage card yet :(

  13. Hi guys.
    I’m french and i’ve been searching for an answer to this problem for weeks and i still didn’t manage to fix it. I think i’ve done the connections right (S-Video input and Stereo input right on my TV tuner card) but when I launch Dscaler, this error message appears : “Error: Failed to connect video capture device to renderer”.
    And in the left hand down corner I read : “No Video Signal input” whereas i think my connections are good. And i’ve never seen one picture from my PS2 on my PC.
    TV card : Hauppauge WinTV PVR
    Graphic card : FX5200
    CPU : 3.00 Ghz (P4)
    Could you please give me advices ?
    I don’t know what to do…
    Thank you very much ^^.
    post scriptom : excuse me if my english is rather bad. ;)

  14. Have been trying to connect my PS2 to my PC Monitor months.

    Seeing your instructions, downloaded dscaler 4.14 and after few adjustments, works perfectly.

    Many thanks

  15. thank you Daniel and sorry for late reply (because i didnt saw you already replying)

    and i’ll be looking forward to the screenshot ;)

  16. sure, ill upload some screenshots from the game Flatout 2 PAL, it has a 50/60 selector right at the begining but u will see that even If I choose 50hz the game is in full color and no screen rolling..only the bottom of the game/screen is cut off a little on my monitor, i dunno if it can be fixed, i.e moving up the image a little bit

  17. Unfortunately i cant give suggestions on which filters should be used because the results may differ from each card and i never tried ATI card before (as a sidenote, im still using the old GForce 4 TI 4600 card) lol

    btw maybe you could upload a screenshot somewhere so i can see it (im really interested on seeing how it looks actually) ?

  18. Ok..finally i fixed it….but i had to connect my ps2 to my ati radeon X700 Pro 256mb video card, it has a s-video in/out connector and i used a s-video in/out cable to connect my ps2 to my video card’s s-video. I left the video standard to ntsc-m in DScaler and i choosed the option color carrier on my ps2’s modchip. This way the video card/monitor fix the rolling screen on pal games and the color carrier option on my chip will output the right color on my monitor dependig on the game ill play (if i turn off the color carrier on my chip, pal games will comes out in grey/b&w) turned on, its all in colour and no screen rolling, like if it was the ntsc version. but i dont have the sound yet because the audio cables of the ps2 is still connected to my tvtuner i need to get a small Y connector so i can get the sound from my pc’s soundcard. just one question, now that my ps2 is hooked up to my video card, do u know a good setting in dscaler to get the best picture on my monitor?? like all the settings in filters, deinterlace, aspect ratio ,best resolution. etc because the quality its a little worse than on my tv tuner card :)


  19. hm..still not working, well, its working but my pictures is still not in the right color and the screen is rolling..btw, im using a LCD monitor and its connected with a DVI cable to my video card..also my ps2 is connected to my Hauppage 150 tv tuner card with the s-video cable (i have a s-video cable in and the R/L audio inputs on my tv tuner card so my ps2 is connected directly to my card without any other cables or Y connector. Pal games with 50/60hz selector work fine on the monitor/TV but im trying to play games without the selector and as u know, i cannot play them normally on my tv because its only ntsc..and usually a monitor supports both signal.. and i remember, on my old CRT monitor, the pal games showed up in full colour and full speed. I tried your above method, but sill no luck :(

  20. Actually if you use modchip and enable the Automatic Film Detection under Filters tab it should automatically switch into PAL mode (in the above picture sample, my video mode switch into NTSC/J in GFV2DMV2 game)

    btw try changing the video format manually (disable the automatic detection first) without actually turn on your ps2 first and see if you can change it without problem or not

  21. Hiya,

    I just tried this method for hooking up my ps2 to my computer/monitor and everything is working fine. I tried to load some pal games but they all load in B&W and the screen is rolling, however, i selected the Automatic Format Detect option on the Deinterlace menu. I have a modchip too (DMS4 pro) and ntsc ps2 and the video mode is turned off (so i can clearly see that the video mode is not changed in the chip but will be changed in the computer u know if this option really work? if i choose manually the video mode in dscaler, i get some error on the screen in green about video mode not found or something similar :(