Google Webmaster Tools Now Reporting Anchor Text Phrases

Yesterday Vanessa Fox of Google announced that Google Webmaster Tools now reporting the anchor phrase used on various site that link to your site and this is really important for seo. Here’s what Danny Sullivan (the GodFather of search engine) said about this :

How They Link, Not How Many Links, Influences Ranking

GoogleAs you can see, the data is great information. The text people use to link to you is one of the most important factors — often the most important factor — for how you will rank in Google.

Let me repeat that. The anchor text used to link to your pages often is the most important reason you’ll rank well for particular words.

And what about this site ? what is the most used phrases that link to this site ?

Unfortunately .. the most used phrases that goes to this site are only .. Reaper X, Reaper X ID, and Reaper X ID Reborn :( (test) and that’s why i ranked really well using that words but .. i’m sure no one are going to use that keywords when searching

So if you’re interested on linking to this site .. maybe you could use some other anchor text instead ? :P


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