Media Temple Grid Server Review

Finally Media Temple already approved the previously mentioned Grid Server account for my uncle’s today (when i posted this). And one thing for sure, the Media Temple GS Control Panel rocks ! i’ve never seen a custom control panel like this before (Godaddy use custom control panel too, but their control panel lack features)

Media Temple Grid ServerAnd here’s my own review about Media Temple Grid Server (since my uncle account just got approved today, i can not give you report about Media Temple Uptime / performance), but i’ll give you a short review about their features (after few months with them, i’m going to make a review about their uptime too)

First of all, the first thing i did notice on their control panel is i can manually edit Zones for the domain name used .. and this is a big plus because Hostgator does not give you access to edit your domain zones manually, unless you’re on their dedicated server or using a reseller account. I know that this is not normally required by everyone but at least to those who know to edit their zones name by themself, this makes you feel a little bit better because you dont have to email them whenever you want to edit your zones file (actually i’m a shy type, and dont really like to email support team for something like this) lol

The other important thing is you can get SSH access to your Grid server account which is really useful especially if you dont want to FTP your script. And thanks to this, i can complete wordpress installation within short time :)

Other than that, media temple also use FastCGI on their Grid Server, so you can use a more restrictive permission on your php scripts. And they also update their php executable really fast, they’re currently using php 4.4.6 (at least that’s what i saw on my uncle’s server)

As for database, unlike on most CPanel based server which is using localhost as your MySQL database host, you must look carefully on what server your MySQL host located, here’s an example of what their MySQL database host looks like :

  1. internal-db.***** <= for internal access, and most of the time you’re going to use this address
  2. external-db.***** <= for external access, and do not forget to create access rules if you’re going to use this one

What about their other features ? well .. there’s one click script installation, web statistic, bandwidth report, etc. But i think most of you already knew about that because most web hosting company also provided standard tools like that

Although they gives so many features but there’s one thing that i do not really like from them, and that’s because their control panel using SSL and it slow down everything for me (maybe they should use SSL for login only instead of full SSL on control panel) … but i think that’s just because my internet connection .. s***s

And because of the above features, i recommend them but we’ll see about their downtime later on my next review about them :)

Update : I just got access to use jailed SSH access on my hostgator account after verifying myself with them :) .. hurray


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5 comments on “Media Temple Grid Server Review

  1. Same deal as far as I can tell. The biggest mistake I’ve made in my
    career was migrating my client portfolio to the (gs) Grid-Service. You were warned!

  2. how about now? the link is for stats dating from beginning 2006. how is GS doing these days? I don’t seem to be able to find fresh info…
    now you have been with them six months, what is your experience?
    Thanks for the info as I need 2 switch providers rather soon.

  3. thank you very much for your comment, and i really appreciate it .. because i havent been with them long enough so i cant put my own opinion about their uptime :)