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Yesterday my uncle is trying to register with the Media Temple Grid Server based on my suggestion (not affiliate of course). Although i’ve heard various bad thing about Media Temple their Grid Server, but i’m just curious what kind of problems is in their Grid Server actually and i always not satisfied until i tried it first (my uncle want me to set up everything so he can just simply use his website without managing other aspect)

And now when i posted this, it’s been 13 hours since i tried to register with them and they still not approved it. Definitely this is the longest activation time i ever had, because when i tried to register with Hostgator, they already activated my hostgator account within 8 minutes only !

Hm .. maybe they shouldn’t say Instant Activation on their order page at the first place, because if it were truly an instant activation then i do not have to wait for 13 hours like this even if the order comes from a 3rd world country (because Hostgator activated my account in just 8 minutes only, while Godaddy activated my account instantly)

Well .. i guess i just have to wait until 24 hours passed and if my uncle account is still not activated by them .. i guess i should ask my uncle to choose other web hosting company (to be honest i’m actually really interested on trying the MT Grid Server so that’s why i can wait for 24 hours) lol


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2 comments on “Media Temple Grid Server

  1. We switched to the Grid Server and it has NOT been worth it. We are moving all our sites off of media temple because of it.

    Right now the Grid Server stinks. Its very slow for basic page request, has performance issues with mySQL, and it goes down a lot!