Hostgator Review, a Personal Experience

Small information about Hostgator, quoted from their about page. Hostgator is a privately owned company founded in 2002 that has no debt, is very profitable, and has NO intentions of selling any time soon. We provide service to over 400,000 websites on our shared and reseller plans. We are the world’s leading provider of reseller accounts with over 10,000 resellers who have chosen us to provide the network, servers, and support required to launch a hosting business

At the time i write this post, i’m currently hosted by Hostgator (dunno if in the future) i’m going to move into other web hosting company or not. But one thing for sure is, when i posted this .. i have been with hostgator for 8 months (until March 07). And without further ado, here’s my own complete hostgator review (including their server setup and so on), based on my personal experience with them :

Webhosting Plan Offered :

1. Hatchling Croc :

  • Price : $6.95 (paid yearly)
  • Storage : 50 GB
  • Bandwidth : 200 GB
  • Type : Shared Hosting

2. Baby Croc :

  • Price : $9.95 (monthly)
  • Storage : 100 GB
  • Bandwidth : 1 TB / 1000 GB
  • Type : Shared Hosting

3. Swap Croc :

  • Price : $14.95 (monthly)
  • Storage : 200 GB
  • Bandwidth : 2 TB / 2000 GB
  • Type : Shared Hosting

4. Semi Dedicated :

  • Price : $74.95 (monthly)
  • Storage : 25 GB
  • Bandwidth : 500 GB
  • Type : Shared Hosting, almost VPS like with the exception there’s no root access

Server Setup and Features :

  1. Using CPanel and Fantastico that provides one click installation to various web application such as WordPress
  2. They are using PHPSuexec on their server which is a plus for security reason
  3. You can choose whether you want PHP5 or PHP4 on your server
  4. Using MySQL 4.1.xx as their SQL Database
  5. Support Ruby on Rails
  6. Adult supported (to those who’s interested on creating adult website)
  7. On my current server i got this setup, Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.20GHz with 4242960384 KB RAM
  8. They can also give you SSH access to your own account known as Jailed SSH, and to activate this features you can just simply give them your photo id as identification

Server / Resources Usage Limitation :

  1. Can not use 25% or more of system resources for longer then 90 seconds
  2. Can only run cron entries with intervals of less than 15 minutes
  3. There is a 200 hourly email limit per domain this limit is also applied towards mailman
  4. 30 Maximum Concurrent Connection to MySQL
  5. If you’re using Hostgator nameserver and using shared hosting, the only option to change your DNS settings is by emailing them and ask them to change it
  6. No SSH (this is not necessary to those who’s not interested on unix command)

Personal Opinion About Hostgator :

They’re a good webhosting company, good respond time from their sales and support team. And the Level 3 Support team is really good and does the job very well (24 Hours support). And as a side note, i live in GMT +7 timezone

Good Uptime, although sometimes there’s downtime but i’m sure that every webhosting out there has downtime issue (last night there’s downtime for about 45 Minutes reported by Pingdom Monitoring, and Siteuptime). If you want to see the uptime of this website, you can check my sidebar for it

The only thing i do not like from them is i have to email them everytime whenever i want to change / add zones to my domain. Maybe they should give access to zones editing or such stuff so i can modify my zones manually without telling them to do it whenever i want to add something (for example adding CName)

Other thing i like is the SSH access to simplify thing, although im not a unix expert

And the conclusion is, if you seek a reliable web hosting company and can be trusted, you might try using the Hostgator service and see it for yourself


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12 comments on “Hostgator Review, a Personal Experience

  1. ah actually it’s because my website producing a tremendous load on their server based from their email message to me :(

    fortunately i still have a copy of their email :

    Sorry, but we had to suspend your account today, because your site was producing a tremendous load on the server.

    This is a very powerful multi-processor server, yet the load average was between 15 and 25 prior to suspending your account. Now it is back down to the normal average of < 2.

    Because of the high load, access to other web sites hosted on this same server, as well as email services, and general email queuing were negatively impacted, thus the AUP (LinkSky Policy) violation leading to your account suspension.

    I am sorry, but we will not be able to re-open your account as it is not appropriate to host within a shared environment. Please consider obtaining a dedicated server for your efforts, as this would be the best choice given the amount of traffic and the way your web site is written.

    We will re-fund 100% of any hosting fees paid to us. I am sorry it did not work out.

    As a note, they give me a full refund :)

  2. Hi, reaper,

    Why did your site get suspended at LinkSky? I currently use them and am curious if there is something about them I need to know.

    Did you break TOS? Or are their claims about “unmetered” bandwidth untrue?

  3. Well … previously i’ve tried using Godaddy and LinkSky, although i know about their setup but its still not enough for me to write comparison between them

    but as a side note, my site got suspended from linksky within 2 days after registration :(

  4. Now I choose a good hoster, though i haven’t ever had to do this. So now i am a bit lost. I can’t judge about hosters from my own experience and just have listen to the others’ opinions.
    Have you worked only with Hostgator company or are there some more? If yes, I would much appreciate if you compare various hosters.
    And… thank you for this information.