Vista Cracked by Team Paradox

Okay .. previously there’s Vista Brute Force Keygen which is a hoax (although some people say that it’s possible to found real key) .. and now there’s another crack for Windows Vista, but this time the released come from a well known warez group called Paradox

I’ve seen various talk about this and most of them says this crack actually work .. and even better, you do not have to run it for one year. And how does it work ?

Microsoft allows large hardware manufacturers (e.g. ASUS, HP, Dell) to ship their products containing a Windows Vista installation that does NOT require any kind of product activation as this might be considered an unnecessary inconvenience for the end-user. Instead these so-called ‘Royalty OEMs’ are granted the right to embed certain license information into their hardware products, which can be validated by Windows Vista to make obtaining further activation information (online or by phone) obsolete. This mechanism is commonly referred to as ‘SLP 2.0’ (‘system-locked pre-installation 2.0’) and consists of the following three key elements:

  1. The OEM’s hardware-embedded BIOS ACPI_SLIC information signed by Microsoft
  2. A certificate issued by Microsoft that corresponds to the specific ACPI_SLIC information (The certificate is an XML file found on the OEM’s installation/recovery media, ususally called something like ‘oemname.xrm-ms’)
  3. A special type of product key that corresponds to the installed edition of Windows Vista

This key can usually be obtained from some installation script found on the OEM’s installation/recovery media or directly from a pre-installed OEM system

If all three elements match Windows Vista’s licensing mechansim considers the given installation a valid system-locked pre-activated copy (that does not require any additional product activation procedures)

So the basic concept of the tool at hand is to present any given BIOS ACPI_SLIC information to Windows Vista’s licensing mechanism by means of a device driver. In combination with a matching product key and OEM certificate this allows for rendering any system practically indistinguishable from a legit pre-activated system shipped by the respective OEM

In the other words, by using this tool, you’re bypassing the product activation requirement of Microsoft Windows Vista x86


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21 comments on “Vista Cracked by Team Paradox

  1. I love the people at paradox, Yáll rock full, cuz i iz one of doze pathetic beggarz. ‘Fyi i always wanted to learn the fundementals of hacking and all that shit cuz am facinated by it all but hav no idea where to start,anyone care to enlighten me cuz im fully ignorant atm (to get me started with basics, real beginner basics)

  2. service pack 1 has totally screwed team paradox’s oem bios emulation vista activation….so whats next….whose going to save those of us that had to install sp1 without the facts.????

  3. most people carry screen names insinuating them to be techies / hackers / etc when all they do is ask and beg for links or for the work of others. Pathetic and sickening.

  4. Yeah you guys are great but I’m wondering what’s up with cine and twix (I’m not sure if I should be detailed)? If there are apps and keygens for these two I could sure use them. Send me a link are something please.

  5. You guys have put out alot of WORKING keygens and etc. so i will be more than happy to give this one a try too.