Windows Vista Keygen has been Released

I just read this today .. and guess what ? the new Windows Vista activation scheme has been cracked by someone over at Keznews .. which is truly unfortunate for Microsoft

That guy over at Keznews created a brute force key generator that tries every possible Vista Serial Number before finding the real serial key for Windows Vista. And if you do found one, you’ll have to activate it first.

So far some people managed to found valid serial key for windows vista after a few hours of trying. Quoted from the Keznews Page :

2 min a go I ACTIVATED VISTA HOME BASIC….. Shocked Shocked Shocked
Computer User U are the BIG MAN Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

CodeCrapper wrote: I GOT A VALID KEY FOR MY VISTA BUSINESS!!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

salmypal wrote: 5 hours and i got 3 legit keys. will leave it on for 2 days and will keep letting everyone know. need one ? i’ll give only if your a long time keznews user. Wink

It says that this Vista Brute Force Keygen can check for about 10.000 keys per 30 minutes, but i think it might be more if you’re using a really fast processor

Personally i havent tried this tool yet, because i do not have Vista installed on my computer (other than that i’m using old computer) .. but i think this keygen might just work for you

Link – Download Page

Update: actually the keygen is a hoax and even if it’s true you are extremely lucky if you can get a valid key from the keygen. And beside there’s also other method that works beautifully and has been tested even to Windows Vista SP2 without problem or whatsoever, and that method is called a Loader! interested with this method? contact me directly if you want to “know more about it” or feel free to search for it ;)


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