Choosing the correct PS2 Cheat Devices

Actually i decided to write this because one of the commenter here asked me why he can’t use codes on his Xploder cheat devices. Well .. although i haven’t tried xploder yet, i think that Xploder has a built in code format detection like ARMax, so you can’t just enter any random codes. So by creating this post i just want to give some more information to those who’s interested on buying a new cheat devices for their ps2 console

As a note, if you’re using a modchipped ps2 .. and you’re sure that you’re using a good modchip .. then you don’t have to worry about this stuff. Simply because you can use them all on your console ;) and that’s including playing imported game

Important : I never tried using Swap Magic / Swap Disc method, because .. well .. erm .. i’m using a modchip :P .. lol .. other than that i’ve never tried using Xploder and PAR (although i have them both) and GS2V5 (broadband enabled)

First of all, there are various cheat devices on the market, from Gameshark, Action Replay Max, Codebreaker, XPloder and Pro Action Replay (PAR) .. and the most popular here (in my country) .. is Action Replay Max. And if you asked me why armax is popular here ? the answer to that question is because most ps2 here in Indonesia are PAL version .. but you can also get a NTSC/US or NTSC/J (it’s rare to find this type here) console if you really want it.

And now what you should check first before buying a cheat device for your ps2 console? The answer to that question is first check your PS2 Type in the back of your console, and you’ll see SCPH-XXXXX and your ps2 type so you’ll not end up buying uncompatible cheat devices for your ps2

And now some features offered by those cheat devices (so you can judge which cheat devices are better than others) :

1. ARMax (Action Replay Max) – Official Site


  • Built in media player, and you can use it to play various media type such as playing mp3 files or watching video files
  • Built in chat client, well .. you can use it to chat with other people (i haven’t tried this one yet although my ps2 is connected to the net) .. but i think most people don’t really need this feature
  • Built in memory manager, which is one of the most useful features because you can use it to transfer your savegame files to your computer (and that means saving your memory card space), and can also compress your savegame so it takes less space (but you’ll need to decompress it first in order to use those compressed savegame)
  • Online codes update, although i’m not using the built in update features (because the update files are saved on your memory card, and it takes quite large space) .. i think it’s quite useful for those who doesnt want to customize their armax because they’re not using modchip on their ps2 console
  • Has separate version for those who’s not interested on using Modchip .. and that means there are NTSC/US and PAL version


  • Dunno if this should be called disadvantage, but if you are not using the automatic update feature, you’ll have to type each code using your ps2 joystick .. and every armax code always have an additional line to each code .. here’s an example so you’ll get better idea of what im talking about :
  1. Original Codes (in RAW Format / not encrypted) :
  • 00000000 00000000
  • ARMax format :
    • Slow loading time when loading the codelist .. but i think it’s fine with this :)

    Special Note : You can also upload your savegame directly from your ps2 using ARMax, other than that there are two armax type (Armax EVO and Armax only), with the only differences the EVO version already include usb flash disk

    2. Gameshark 2 v3/4 – Official Site


    • Has memory manager, but i haven’t tried it yet until now .. so i think it’s almost useless for me :)
    • Less typing (new code) :P
    • Fast loading time
    • Accept RAW codes .. so you can easily use various codes available from 3rd party site (not official site) .. or in the other words .. codes created by some person out there


    • No update features, you’ll have to enter each codes individually :(
    • Can only be used on NTSC/US console (if you’re not using modchip)

    Special Note : If you’re using Gameshark 2 v5 (Broadband Enabled), you can update your codelist easily … and it has media player too (i don’t know if this is true or not because i havent tried GS2V5)

    3. Codebreaker – Official Site


    • Updating codes online via your PS2 console directly just like Armax
    • Built in memory manager, and has ability to compress your savegame too. And i always use this save compressing feature to save space, for example use your second memory card to put only compressed savegame instead of storing your savegame to your computer or your flash disk, because you can access it much faster this time ;)  .. (basically i’m to lazy to connect my flashdisk) :P
    • Support RAW codes


    • Some people reporting that they can’t use the savegame transfer function on the new slim ps2 (i’m using the old slim ps2, 70002 PAL and it works fine)
    • Only works on NTSC/US console. And as a note, even if you’re using a modchip there’s still a high chance codebreaker will not run (codebreaker 7.1+) on your console unless you’re using a good modchip .. basically if you bought it and when you use it you only get a blank screen that means your ps2 console (if you’re using a modchip) is not supported

    Well that’s all about their features comparison. But there’s another thing you should keep in mind, and that is how long before they released new codes for new games .. and of course this is the most important thing to consider before buying a new cheat device .. so here’s the order :

    1. Codebreaker : this is why they’re the best, because they’re the faster when creating new codes. And most of the time they’re releasing high quality codes (since gameshark time) … and the guy behind this is no other than CMX :)
    2. ARMax : Basically they’re fast too just like CB, unfortunately sometime they’re not creating a useful codes (for example in some games, instead of creating infinite health they’re creating max credits code)
    3. Gameshark : Well .. maybe you should try visiting their site and see it for your self :)

    I think that’s already covered some of the most important thing to look when buying cheat devices for ps2. I hope this information can be useful :)

    And some last note : Because i havent tried Gameshark 2V5 (Gameshark Broadband Enabled), PAR and Xploder i don’t know what should i write about these 3 cheat devices (the only thing i know about them is Xploder is for PAL only, while Gameshark for NTSC/US only, and PAR .. hm .. i dont know about it .. although it works fine for a modchipped ps2, because my friend has it). So if you know more about those 3, and you’d like to share it here .. feel free to submit those information to me (credit will be given of course)


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    7 comments on “Choosing the correct PS2 Cheat Devices

    1. are you using a normal action replay (PAR) or ARMAX (Action Replay MAX) ?

      and if your game isn’t in the list, you can try : :)

      1. Updating the cheat database using your internet connection

      2. Look for a working codes from various website, and convert it so it’ll work with your cheat devices

    2. i am having troubles getting cheats on to the action replay disc and how do i use3 cheats if the game isn’t in the list on the replay disc

    3. I’m in Malaysia. It’s so difficult to get any of the cheat device. Any suggestion? BTW, I only have an office computer. A huge firewall unable to download anything from torrent. A little help. Need to get some cheat device. Gameshark for playstation 2 preferable. please… help….