Finding External Links using Google Webmaster Tools

Previously i have already talked about creating sitemap for your site, and why a sitemap is good for your site especially if you already created a lot of content in your site and submitting those sitemap file(s) into Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer. And now, Google expand their webmaster tools a little bit more by showing you a detailed link to your domain (main page) or your internal pages

But what is important from that information Google gave you ? because you can simply do the same query in Google by using link command ? .. that’s a simple answer .. because by looking at the external links to your site, you can see how well your site is performing (especially for the SEO stuff). Other than that, using the link command also gave you a different results

For example, if i tried to query my own site using the link command using my real ip address which is from Indonesia i only get 134 external links to my site. Although a few weeks ago, i can’t see any links to my own site and using site command also didn’t show any results. But when i tried to query my own site using a proxy (from various country), i can see there’s a results to my own site .. the answer to that problem is simply because Google showing results from different data center (unless you want to try to query your own site using each Google data center ip address directly if you’re not interested on using proxy)

So why you should use the new Google Webmaster Links Tool ? well .. the simple answer would be like this :

  • You can see how many links goes to your domain or to your pages (it is showing a separate results) .. and of course you can see where is the link came from ;) .. included also links from your subdomain

Although it’s not important for most people (especially if they’re not interested on doing SEO stuff), but i find it interesting to see which page on my site get most links :)


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