Ahh … Guest Bloggers …

Darren Rowse writes about Why guest bloggers are great for a blog after reading the Guest post over at John Chow’s Blog written by Matt Coddington. He says that it’s a win win situation because of the following reason :

  • The blogger who does the guest spot wins : The guest bloggers can get a link back to his site, and that’s including promoting himself
  • The blogger who owns the blog wins : The owner of the blog can take a break and do not have to worry about posting something new
  • The reader wins : because they get to hear about the topic of the blog from a new angle

While personally i agree to Darren Rowse statement, but maybe Darren forgot to tell you something important, the first thing that everyone noticed is John Chow’s blog has a big number of loyal readers. And with that condition of course you can get guest bloggers to easily write something for you because they’ll get the exposure by writing on John Chow’s Blog or any other popular blog

Even one of the commenters on that Guest Post over at John Chow’s blog writes this :

Some good points – but it certainly is much easier to get a guest blogger when you have a very popular blog, right?

Why DirectX 10 only available on Vista

DirectX 10Just when i thought DirectX 10 will be available in Windows XP (actually i’m not following DirectX trend because i’m still using the old DirectX 8.1 Graphic Card) .. i read an interesting information on Why DX10 wasnt created on XP and why it isn’t in XP from Phil Taylor Weblog

And here’s what he said about this :

DX10 itself wasnt fully baked when the initial branch was taken. DX9.L to support Aero and desktop composition took a bit of time. And the design if DX10 itself went thru a process with the IHV community where feature asks went back and forth, and features made the cut and missed the cut. Features miss the cut for a variety of reasons but that all takes time. Negotiations with the IHVs didnt conclude until late in 2003. This resulted in simplifications to the original MS Input Assembler design request. I worked at ATI in this timeframe as Director of Strategic Relationships and owned the ATI-MS relationship so I have 1st hand knowledge. I was in the meetings.

Given XP shipped in 2001 and it was late 2003 when the DX10 design solidified – it should be obvious that “what the OS was” was well beyond XP before serious DX10 work commenced. Heck, the Longhorn reset was in 2004 and DX10 wasnt done until later. The build that was demo’ed at WinHEC 2004 with the texture memory management was a very fresh build and wasnt feature complete –  and that was April or May 2004. The 1st DX SDK supporting DX10 didnt appear until Dec 2005 here, Further validating these points.

Choosing the correct PS2 Cheat Devices

Actually i decided to write this because one of the commenter here asked me why he can’t use codes on his Xploder cheat devices. Well .. although i haven’t tried xploder yet, i think that Xploder has a built in code format detection like ARMax, so you can’t just enter any random codes. So by creating this post i just want to give some more information to those who’s interested on buying a new cheat devices for their ps2 console

As a note, if you’re using a modchipped ps2 .. and you’re sure that you’re using a good modchip .. then you don’t have to worry about this stuff. Simply because you can use them all on your console ;) and that’s including playing imported game


Finding External Links using Google Webmaster Tools

Previously i have already talked about creating sitemap for your site, and why a sitemap is good for your site especially if you already created a lot of content in your site and submitting those sitemap file(s) into Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer. And now, Google expand their webmaster tools a little bit more by showing you a detailed link to your domain (main page) or your internal pages

But what is important from that information Google gave you ? because you can simply do the same query in Google by using link command ? .. that’s a simple answer .. because by looking at the external links to your site, you can see how well your site is performing (especially for the SEO stuff). Other than that, using the link command also gave you a different results