Redesign Site .. Finished (mostly done, at least)

Finally this site got a new design, which is using white as background and black as the font color. Hopefully with the new design it’ll appeal to most of this site visitors :-)

Actually this new design is based from the web templates by Wolfgang (thanks a lot for your wonderful design). And all i have to do is just porting it into the current theme that i’m using right now (it’s Binary Blue by Countzero) instead of porting it from scratch :-P (although it’s not fully completed yet, and this time i choose to use more images .. – judging from the previous vote session by this site visitors – )

The main reason why i choose to port it into Binary Blue is that because if i’m changing my current theme i’ll have to redo everything again (well .. i’m a lazy guy) :-P and another reason is, Binary Blue already included several important features built in .. such as paged comment (which is important for me), and many other features that i couldn’t find in other themes (that’s why i choose to stick with Binary Blue) .. although i’m a little bit worried if CountZero released a new version of Binary Blue .. i’ll have to redo everything again .. lol

Okay .. that’s all for this site journal for today .. and now because i haven’t sleep since yesterday (it’s already morning here) .. because of porting CSS templates from Wolfgang .. i think i’m going to bed .. (maybe if there’s no other activity to do)

As a note, if you found error somewhere .. just let me know so i can fix it right away :-) .. thanks ;-)


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