Google Pagerank Update Today

It seems Google is updating their pagerank value for various website today (at least at the time i wrote this post). I found it just now when looking at this site pagerank from the Google Toolbar that is installed on my Mozilla Firefox browser .. and this site got a pagerank of 5. While my other site (actually it’s still a placeholder as for now) got a pagerank of 3, and my file storage (temporarily closed for renovation) area got a pagerank of 4, and my blog directory got a pagerank of 4

Although it’s quite normal for other sites to have a pagerank of 3 and above, but if it’s for me .. of course i’m really happy about it because the previous pagerank for this site is as big as zero :-( and of course because some people always look at that site pagerank value first to judge it’s value (it’s a shame though). I hope with the current pagerank there will be more people submitting their blog to my blog directory (as long as it’s a blog, i’ll definitely accept it) :-)

Hopefully this value will stay for some time and wont go down (i’ll strive to keep this value or even better increase it) .. lol .. ah .. well .. i guess that’s all about pagerank and such stuff for today :-)


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