Designing website is hard

It’s been two days since i’ve been designing a new theme for this site and so far the progress of creating a new theme for this site is .. well .. the layout itself is already completed, but now i’m stuck with what color should i use for my new theme (for example the heading color, link color, etc) :-(

Basically the background color for the new theme is using White (because for some people they prefer white background while using Black for the font color). Unfortunately i’m not that good when choosing the correct color especially if it’s involving white as the background

The only color that i always use are Black, various Gray (deep gray, light gray, etc) and some Red / Maroon .. and because of the above factors, i decided to stick with the current color :-(

Maybe i should take a look at various website that is offering free color scheme :-D .. but as a side note, if you know any website that is providing free color scheme just let me know about it (because im still searching for it and so far i only found one website that is offering color scheme)


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