Final Fantasy XII Codebreaker codes fix

Well .. if you’re one of the cheater out there that is having problem with codes on Final Fantasy XII on PS2 like if you’re having problem with Mist Gauge, can’t summon Espers because your main character mist gauge is always one, or you can’t use quickening on all of your character and you’re using the default codebreaker codes for FF XII NTSC US ( SLUS_209.63 )

Then here’s a tip on how to solve this problem if you don’t really want to start all over again especially if you’ve spend for about 36 Hours inside the game and already got several espers / summon, etc.

The original Codebreaker Codes that i’m using so i get this problem :

Master Code :
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
68355FBF BB43E31E
38226D71 D4FCC702
4BC6D84B 60E973B6
01A4D83D CEDF2A48
2A58E758 62CD923C

All License For Character 1 – 6 :
DBF37998 85072233
0CF49BDF A4E29C32
CF3FC873 B21E058C
0CF49BDF A4E29C32
5FA1ED17 491B9B6E
0CF49BDF A4E29C32
F5F33307 1BFFDDF2
0CF49BDF A4E29C32
7FD6B83E 9A32DE39
0CF49BDF A4E29C32
9603A133 C0B32450
0CF49BDF A4E29C32

Infinite MP for All Character :
7CB06243 3CA63240
54650EE2 D6E5A410
312CCB03 70E0C8C1

And the solution to that problem is you need to reset Status License for all characters, and all you have to do is just use below codes to reset your characters license (for Codebreaker 7.1+ ) and obviously combined with the above master code (if you’re using default codebreaker codes then it should work for you) to reset status license for all characters

Reset Status License for Character 1 – 6 :
Char 1
DBF37998 85072233
27A93646 257DD215
Char 2
CF3FC873 B21E058C
27A93646 257DD215
Char 3
5FA1ED17 491B9B6E
27A93646 257DD215
Char 4
F5F33307 1BFFDDF2
27A93646 257DD215
Char 5
7FD6B83E 9A32DE39
27A93646 257DD215
Char 6
9603A133 C0B32450
27A93646 257DD215

Note: Make sure to save your game after using the above code and then restart your ps2 but this time don’t use any codes at all and when your inside the game you just need to activate each license for all characters one by one and then restart your ps2 again and this time enable your desired code (make sure to not enable to problematic codes)

But just in case you didn’t have enough points to activate license, you can use below codes

Max License Point Gained (After Battle) :
1F6B7BE6 C801795B

But other than that, there’s also another problem, and this time the problem is at the Infinite MP codes that doesn’t work as it should, and as you might guess without Infinite MP Codes you won’t be able to use your summon / quickening freely and besides at some point you’ll experience a problem if you are using Infinite Health codes so here goes the fix for Infinite HP and MP codes (jokered command)

Press L3+R1 to Recover MP for All Characters :
54495909 E7E602D6
C2F5B179 B6B7A012
86E5D123 E17C4248

Press L3 to Recover HP for All Characters :
BD0C5437 19444D3E

Original Codes (RAW) for the above codes can be found at CMP Website, just search for it ;-)

If you need to convert it into Raw codes to be used on Codebreaker 7 or ARMax (note: i haven’t tested it on Armax or Gameshark or CB7), you can try reading my previous post about recommended ps2 tools

That’s all about it .. and now i’m going to continue playing Final Fantasy again :-P


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  1. brian ur an idiot, did u ever stop to think that maybe the reason someone would want cheats might be because they have beaten the game and want to go back and have some fun with it, ie by having the zodiak weapons and all skills/spells/liscences in the begining? if that thought didnt cross ur mind then the true idiot is u for not contemplating all possiblities. :P

  2. fuck u brian u are a complete asshole for being that way and it is ppl like u that cause ppl to committ suicide so again FUCK YOU…

  3. pleas send me all the espers code all magic code and all items code and lastlly all wepons all armor and all technices code to this web site [email protected] thanks michael ramey.:)
    oh and its for a code breaker for final fantasy 12 for ps2

  4. hi, i need codes for gameshark version 5 ,i went to, i tried adding on the codes, but the second end of the codes are to long for the gameshark to put on! so i’m asking you guys for a all weapons code, a all armor codes, and a all accesories code.someone at least give me an all weapons code.

  5. Brian Umphreyville,


    God retarded people like you annoy me -.-…

    Others who dislike this comment, don’t agrue agianst me cause you know I am right.

  6. when i go to put the codes in my gameshark anything after the first line shorts me by 2 and wont let me put in the whole code, whats up with that? its a v1.3 btw

  7. hye man, i have Final Fantasy XII, but am by no means knowledgable at all about downloading codes for video games. I have have the NTSC-U/C version and am wondering how to get these codes without downloading or buyign anyhing, because i need these codes to beat the game, it would really help idf you could e-mail me back, plase do so as soon as possible and when you do, please explain how to get these codes.

  8. i want to know if there are any gameshark codes for the zodiac spear. becouse my game went psycho on me and now im stuck with a really hard boss called the undying(last boss) so please tell me how to get it with game shark codes…

  9. yo!! i hope this codes work man!! i’ve been trying every code in the world and nothing!!! i think this codes are for my codebreaker but yways do you thing you have codes for the codebreaker 9.3?? plzz write back!!

  10. Hello,
    I have the same problem that Vincent has, only I had bought black and green magic befire screwing myself with a cheat device. I need an ARMAX code that removes all magic from the party’s inventory, as the menue won’t appear for each class of magic until you buy one of that class.
    Vincent, you can still cast the spells, but you have to use gambits to do so.


  11. I kinda made a booboo. Lol, I ended up doing the License code and all magics, and can’t use all but tactics and White magic. Is there anyway to learn all the other abilities without starting all over?

  12. Is there a codebreaker code for the zodiac spear or a codebreaker code that lets the chest drop all items? cause i messed up on getting the ZS and i really want it

  13. erm .. if you’re using gameshark 4 or below (not gameshark 5 / broadband enabled) you must convert the above codes first into Raw codes .. because this is for codebreaker

    you can get the converter tools from my recommended ps2 tools post :)

  14. Ok i have a gameshark but i don’t know how to enter the codes. When i hit add i add it but it wont let me use it and sometimes the cheat is to long to add. What do i do? please help asap.

  15. Hi do you have the ar max equivalent of these codes? Or could you point me to utility that can do the conversion for me? cheers.

  16. Which version of codebreak codes are the first set (master code) as i need to do the conversion for xploder to raw and dont know which im transfering from?

  17. Are you using a modchip on your ps2 that enable you to use Codebreaker ? If you were able to run codebreaker on your ps2 console, then you can use it without problems (i think but you can try it first and see if it works for you or not) .. but if you are using other cheat devices, you must convert it first (try searching this site for Crypt)

  18. What cheat devices do you have? Because in order to cheat in ps2 game you’ll need a cheat devices such as armax, codebreaker or gameshark

  19. man i need some codes i’m screwed on the game there’s a chapter( the one when you’re in some kinda huge spaceship and then you have to fight some guardians that have 2.000 life points each (there are two of this guys; if you defeat then the others will follow) and i can’t fight them ’cause i spend license points on useless things do u have anything that can help me i don’t have anything that makes codes like these you posted, i don’t hav a codebraker and all that stuff pleaseeee help me i need to get infinite life points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!