Fix for Search Everything WordPress Plugin

Finally i can activate the Search Everything plugin once again (i temporarily disabled it after upgrading to WordPress 2.1 because of producing duplicate results. Especially if the results can be found on multiple pages). And fortunately there’s someone already found a solution for this problem (many thanks to Tiago Pocinho by creating a fix for this problem)

To fix this problem, you can simply add below lines to the search everything plugin :

add_filter(‘posts_request’, ‘SE2_distinct’);
function SE2_distinct($query){
  global $wp_query;
  if (!empty($wp_query->query_vars[‘s’])) {
    if (strstr($where, ‘DISTINCT’)) {}
    else {
      $query = str_replace(‘SELECT’, ‘SELECT DISTINCT’, $query);
  return $query;

Redesign Site .. Finished (mostly done, at least)

Finally this site got a new design, which is using white as background and black as the font color. Hopefully with the new design it’ll appeal to most of this site visitors :-)

Actually this new design is based from the web templates by Wolfgang (thanks a lot for your wonderful design). And all i have to do is just porting it into the current theme that i’m using right now (it’s Binary Blue by Countzero) instead of porting it from scratch :-P (although it’s not fully completed yet, and this time i choose to use more images .. – judging from the previous vote session by this site visitors – )

The main reason why i choose to port it into Binary Blue is that because if i’m changing my current theme i’ll have to redo everything again (well .. i’m a lazy guy) :-P and another reason is, Binary Blue already included several important features built in .. such as paged comment (which is important for me), and many other features that i couldn’t find in other themes (that’s why i choose to stick with Binary Blue) .. although i’m a little bit worried if CountZero released a new version of Binary Blue .. i’ll have to redo everything again .. lol

Okay .. that’s all for this site journal for today .. and now because i haven’t sleep since yesterday (it’s already morning here) .. because of porting CSS templates from Wolfgang .. i think i’m going to bed .. (maybe if there’s no other activity to do)

Google Pagerank Update Today

It seems Google is updating their pagerank value for various website today (at least at the time i wrote this post). I found it just now when looking at this site pagerank from the Google Toolbar that is installed on my Mozilla Firefox browser .. and this site got a pagerank of 5. While my other site (actually it’s still a placeholder as for now) got a pagerank of 3, and my file storage (temporarily closed for renovation) area got a pagerank of 4, and my blog directory got a pagerank of 4

Although it’s quite normal for other sites to have a pagerank of 3 and above, but if it’s for me .. of course i’m really happy about it because the previous pagerank for this site is as big as zero :-( and of course because some people always look at that site pagerank value first to judge it’s value (it’s a shame though). I hope with the current pagerank there will be more people submitting their blog to my blog directory (as long as it’s a blog, i’ll definitely accept it) :-)

Hopefully this value will stay for some time and wont go down (i’ll strive to keep this value or even better increase it) .. lol .. ah .. well .. i guess that’s all about pagerank and such stuff for today :-)

Designing website is hard

It’s been two days since i’ve been designing a new theme for this site and so far the progress of creating a new theme for this site is .. well .. the layout itself is already completed, but now i’m stuck with what color should i use for my new theme (for example the heading color, link color, etc) :-(

Basically the background color for the new theme is using White (because for some people they prefer white background while using Black for the font color). Unfortunately i’m not that good when choosing the correct color especially if it’s involving white as the background

The only color that i always use are Black, various Gray (deep gray, light gray, etc) and some Red / Maroon .. and because of the above factors, i decided to stick with the current color :-(

Maybe i should take a look at various website that is offering free color scheme :-D .. but as a side note, if you know any website that is providing free color scheme just let me know about it (because im still searching for it and so far i only found one website that is offering color scheme)

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 PAL Codes

Just in case you need some codes to use because you are having some difficulties with Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 2 .. here’s the codes (ARMax and Codebreaker) … although i only tested it on Codebreaker :-)

As a Note : Credits goes to GodShin by creating these codes in ARMax format, i just converted it and condensed it so it’ll only take a few lines to write the item codes instead of having to write each individual item code


Final Fantasy XII Codebreaker codes fix

Well .. if you’re one of the cheater out there that is having problem with codes on Final Fantasy XII on PS2 like if you’re having problem with Mist Gauge, can’t summon Espers because your main character mist gauge is always one, or you can’t use quickening on all of your character and you’re using the default codebreaker codes for FF XII NTSC US ( SLUS_209.63 )

Then here’s a tip on how to solve this problem if you don’t really want to start all over again especially if you’ve spend for about 36 Hours inside the game and already got several espers / summon, etc.

The original Codebreaker Codes that i’m using so i get this problem :

Master Code :
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
68355FBF BB43E31E
38226D71 D4FCC702
4BC6D84B 60E973B6
01A4D83D CEDF2A48
2A58E758 62CD923C

All License For Character 1 – 6 :
DBF37998 85072233
0CF49BDF A4E29C32
CF3FC873 B21E058C
0CF49BDF A4E29C32
5FA1ED17 491B9B6E
0CF49BDF A4E29C32
F5F33307 1BFFDDF2
0CF49BDF A4E29C32
7FD6B83E 9A32DE39
0CF49BDF A4E29C32
9603A133 C0B32450
0CF49BDF A4E29C32

Infinite MP for All Character :
7CB06243 3CA63240
54650EE2 D6E5A410
312CCB03 70E0C8C1

WordPress HTML Injection Vulnerability

Wow .. i just got back .. and i read a very interesting news about the recent wordpress html injection vulnerability issue that is exists on several .. um .. almost all versions of wordpress below 2.0.6 (well i dont know anything about the 1.x series of wordpress because i never use it before)

Fortunately there is already a fix for this problem and you can do it by applying the latest patch from WordPress Trac into the templates.php file in your wp-admin directory

As as a note, if you want to see a proof of concept regarding this wordpress issue, you can go to David Kierznowski homepage and see it by yourself

And yet another note, WordPress 2.0.6 RC2 has been released (from the WP-Testers Mailing Lists) and this new release candidate already include a fix for this problem