No Uptime Web Hosting

No UptimeBelieve it or not there’s an incredible web hosting company out there that provides you a Guaranteed Server Downtime for your hosting plan ! :P

Unlike many other host that is always said the same thing about 99.99% Uptime Guarantee, this webhosting offer you really realistic plan simply because everyone can create the same services like this :D

Here’s what their testimonial looks like :

Jacob Huttler writes:
No Uptime used my credit card to buy porn magazines. This service is a sham!

John Geron writes:
No Uptime helped me save my marriage. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

And here’s the top reason on why you should choose them :

AJAX Email
Our Web 2.0 Email Interface is open to all our clients and visitors. In the true spirit of Web 2.0, everyone is invited to read and edit your emails for the good of the general public.

Linux Powered
Our Linux Free BSD systems are at the forefront of modern technology. By merging several distributions of Linux into one, we were able to create an operating system so complicated we don’t even know how to use it ourselves.

Uploading Files
Don’t like uploading your files via FTP? No problem! Send us your files on a floppy and we’ll upload it for you. It’s one of the many ways we do our best to accommodate your needs. Just remember, our floppy system does not accept Windows, Linux, or Mac floppies.

For more info about this, you should visit their website ;) .. by the way don’t take it seriously :D


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4 comments on “No Uptime Web Hosting

  1. Now monitor your website’s uptime without additional servers or IT personnel!

    Site Notifier is the perfect tool for the busy executive or entrepreneur; anyone really who is responsible for one or more websites but doesn’t have the time to continuously check to see if a site is up throughout the day. With Site Notifier, you’ll never worry about whether your website is running, how long it’s been down or how many sales were lost before you even knew there was a problem. Now you’ll always know.

    Site Notifier is designed with one thing in mind – YOU, and making your life easier. It’s that simple.

  2. Here’s a list of some of Site Notifier’s features. Our goal is to keep it simple and easy to use.

    Off-site Monitoring
    It’s important. Off-site monitoring ensures external connectivity. If you use a tool that resides on your local computer or server to monitor a site, it’s completely possible for you to get a false sense of security. That’s bad. We don’t want that.

    Easy to Maintain
    Some systems require constant handholding. Not us we specifically designed Site Notifier to set it up and forget about it. Really, you have more important things to do.

    Email Alerts
    Site Notifier doesn’t just track the time and put it in some log file somewhere where you can’t get to it. It works with you, sending instant alerts when a site that you are monitoring falls off the face of the earth.

    Simple Interface
    Life’s hard enough and we hate complex things. Site Notifier is designed to be extremely easy to use and give you all the information you need at a glance. We’re not messing around with a bunch of other stuff – just the facts ma’am!

    Multiple Person Notification
    OK sometimes you’re just the one leading the charge� not doing the work. Multiple person notification gives you the freedom to alert the folks that fix the problem too. This can save you both time and aggravation trying to get people on the phone.

    Actual Site Checking
    The top-secret electron monkeys inside Site Notifier make sure your site is actually rendering not just pinging the server. And, Site Notifier gives you instant information about when the last time your site was down. That way you can reduce costly downtime by seeing trends and getting the repair team on the task. It’s like looking into the future!

    Stay Ahead of the Game
    We understand that what it all boils down to is fixing problems before your boss (or client/customer) finds them. That’s why we did this…It’s all about you!

    If you interested in Linking with us or if you have any questions or comments, Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. My office number is 860.689.0077.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Amanda C Pekar
    Account Manager
    Transcendigital Ltd