What you should know about Web hosting

If you consider yourself a computer geek, i think you’ve already know about different type of webhosting and what is the differences between them other than that i’m sure you’ve already know what you should look for in a good webhosting company. But not everyone know about such stuff, especially for those who new to webhosting .. but instead talking of the technical stuff about webhosting, i’m going to talk about web hosting in general :)

Actually i decided to post about this because a few weeks ago, there’s someone chat with me on IM and he’s interested on getting a webhosting. Although he know about php script and such stuff but he didn’t know / never heard of dedicated server, managed server, vps hosting and shared hosting .. and that’s why i choose to post it just in case someone interested on getting a webhosting plan but didn’t actually know about different type of hosting plan that’s available to choose from various webhosting company

Note : I’m not going to talk about reseller hosting, simply because not everyone are going to use a reseller hosting plan

Shared Hosting

First is .. shared hosting, and this is one of the most popular hosting type and almost everyone use this type on the web especially for those who new to web hosting. And the reason why everyone choose this hosting type is because it’s really cheap nowadays .. and you can get shared hosting plan for as low as $3.xx / month from various webhosting company

Unfortunately, there’s a small problem with shared hosting type and that is a strict CPU usage limitation and almost every web hosting company out there only gives you a small percentage of cpu usage and if you’re using to much cpu resource, you’ll soon receive a message that your webhosting account has been suspended because of high cpu usage.

Eventhough you’ve always seen they’re giving an incredible amount of bandwidth and storage montly .. it’s just a marketing gimmick, there’s no way you can reach that amount of bandwidth because of cpu usage limitation, and that’s why you should never choose a webhosting company simply because they’re offering something unbeliveable like that, but choose them because of their reliability and uptime. But no matter how good your shared hosting company is, if you’re running a popular site, eventually you’ll have to move into a more powerful hosting type and that’s VPS

VPS Hosting

And now i’m going to talk about VPS hosting which is basically the same as shared hosting, but instead of really strict cpu usage limitation, you can use your vps hosting plan without worrying to much because you’re using high cpu usage, unless your site get a really high amount of visitors daily or using a not stable script on your website

Other than than, VPS hosting are mostly used by tech savvy guys especially those that know about computers and server administration, and that’s because most VPS hosting out there require you to manage everything on your server by yourself for example updating operating system, applying security patch, updating your control panel, and so on (except for the initial setup of course, although maybe there’s an additional charge for this for some webhosting company). And this VPS hosting type is known an Unmanaged VPS Plan

But if you don’t have time or don’t have knowledge to manage your own server, there’s no need to worry about it. Because you can simply hire a server administator to do the job for you, or get your self a Semi / Fully Managed VPS Plan. And for those that didn’t know about Fully Managed VPS plan, basically it just say that everything will be done by your webhosting company (of course the price between the unmanaged and managed server are different) just like on shared hosting plan. So before you get yourself a VPS hosting, you should make sure to ask them first and see if they are offering a managed vps plan or unmanaged vps plan .. as for VPS plan price most of them are between $25 – $40 but .. if you’re going to get a managed vps plan, the price itself is between $40 – $90

What are going to happen if your site get an incredible amount of visitors daily ? well .. the answer to that question is .. you should get yourself a dedicated server ;)

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server are just the same like VPS hosting (unmanaged or managed) but this time there’s no cpu limitation, and such limitation .. other than your webhosting company usage policy. Basically it just like you rent a new computer dedicated for you, with specific hardware. And of course this is the highest plan you can get from any of web hosting plan available for a really popular website (there’s no need to go any further than this unless you’re creating a really big web portal because you can always upgrade your dedicated server with a more powerful hardware) .. :P

Unfortunately a dedicated server is going to cost you a little bit more (over $80 while the cheapest plan is a low end dedicated server) although some web hosting company also offer dedicated server for $300 (fully managed dedicated server) ..

Well i think that’s already explain it all (i guess) … and i hope this info can be useful for those on thinking on creating a new website using a real webhosting plan not a free hosting plan :)


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