Hostgator Storage and Bandwidth Capacity Upgraded

Hostgator recently upgraded all their hosting plan into an extremely large storage capacity and bandwidth just like Dreamhost do .. although it’s nice to get a huge amount of storage space on your hosting plan .. but i’m wondering, if they’re going to be like some hosting out there that’s overselling their plan to their customer ?

Well .. i hope not, because if it’s mean downtime to my website (so far i’m really satisfied with their uptime), then there’s nothing i can do other than moving into a new web hosting company (because i prefer uptime rather than high bandwidth / storage especially if you’re not going to use it) … beside there’s no one that’s going to reach that maximum bandwidth amount because every shared hosting limit your CPU usage so there’s no one that can reach your full bandwidth limitation with the exception you can always use all the storage as long as it’s just a storage area :P

By the way here’s the amount of storage space and bandwidth when Hostgator upgraded their servers :

  • The Hatchling plan : 50 GB Storage | 200 GB Bandwidth
  • The Baby plan : 100 GB Storage | 1 TB Bandwidth
  • The Swamp plan : 200 GB Storage | 2 TB Bandwidth

Wow .. that’s really huge especially when comparing the original baby plan (this is the one that i’m using right now) that only gives you only 5GB storage and 75GB bandwidth originally.

Ah .. i think you should judge it by yourself if you’re going to host your site at Hostgator, because until now my current hosting plan (in this case the server i was located at) hasn’t been upgraded by the Hostgator team and i’m still using the old limitation. But i’m not worry to much about that thought because until now (when i post this) i never experience downtime ;)


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