What i’ve learnt from Google Adsense so far

I’ve been using adsense since august 2006 (but i think that month should not be counted because i was still in progress of moving my site from the free wordpress account into a self hosted account and there’s downtime for about 2 times because i move to 3 different host at that time) .. anyway forget about that .. by the way here’s my adsense experience so far and what i’ve learnt since i’m using adsense and why you should forget about using adsense if this condition applies to you :

  • For those who already own a free blogger account or free wordpress account and think about moving into your self hosted blog just to use adsense (if you were on wordpress dot com) or moving to a blogger account if you’re a freebies type. Then i suggest you to stop right away, because you’re not going to make anything from your adsense account .. because the only way to make money from adsense, only if you’re creating useful content on your website
  • If you’re going to make lots of money from adsense there’s no way you can do it by simply using shared hosting that can only handle small – medium traffic, because of cpu restriction usage, maximum connection to the database server and if you exceed that limit .. then you’ll see your beautiful page will get replaced by suspended page from your webhosting company except for some big company
  • Don’t you ever think you can make easy money by simply placing adsense on your website, without at least 1000 impression / day on your adsense account (unless you’re really lucky to get high paying adsense keyword for every displayed ads but there’s no such thing in this world)
  • Most people have ad blocking program installed on their computer, so you should make sure you’re site can be displayed properly
  • Forget about those people that can make easy money from their adsense account, because they’re not using shared hosting like you .. if you’re on blogger account then there’s no need to worry about that .. but back to point #1 .. you’ll need to create something useful / unique first and this one is a good example for a blogger account
  • Always ask directly to the Google Adsense team to make sure your site is not breaking the adsense terms and condition when you’re playing with your ad placement and don’t worry because Google Adsense team will reply to your email message within 1 day (i live in different timezone and i always get reply from them within 1 day) .. except if you send email on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday ..
  • SEO is still the important thing to do in order to make profit from your adsense account (or at least make some money) because it brings traffic to your site
  • Social Bookmarking site such as Stumble Upon only destroy your CTR because most people from social bookmarking site already know about adsense
  • Never try to target high level / experienced audience or visitors that know about adsense, ads, affiliate or such stuff ..

That’s all .. and as a note, i create this website is for learning experience (started on July 2006) and because i like it (actually i like everything related to computer). Not because i just want to use adsense .. and the reason i leave wordpress dot com is because i want to have more freedom on configuring my own site


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10 comments on “What i’ve learnt from Google Adsense so far

  1. All greetings! I have fallen in love today:)))))
    I wish to shout about love to all world ! :)
    Love this magnificent feeling:)))))

  2. Thank you for visiting this blog Simonne and i really appreciate it :)

    And as for Social Networking / Bookmarking, yes its a great way to promote your site although maybe i was to harsh to put my own judgement to Social Bookmarking site, but of course i’ll never forget that social bookmarking is the first place that send me a great traffic other than search engine for some of my article here

    CTR does not keep you warm; what matters is the amount of money you make, most part of it coming from readers referred by search engines.

    I truly agree with you at this point and i’ll keep this as a self motivating quote.

    Thanks a lot for your kind words

  3. Hi, I agree with most of the things you wrote here. Nevertheless, I was a bit surprised to see your comment that social networking sites like StumbleUpon only destroy your CTR. Ok, most of them may not click on ads, but you can find many loyal readers amongst them, and besides, this is additional free traffic to your site. CTR does not keep you warm; what matters is the amount of money you make, most part of it coming from readers referred by search engines. Having your site read by lots of people in social networks does not decrease the number of people coming from search engines, so you rather should be happy (or neutral) about that.