Using Google as free proxy

GoogleEver since everyone (maybe not everyone but at least most people) know about Google Translate tool can be used as a proxy to browse various site … i don’t think stats tracking can give you an accurate statistic to determine where your visitors located so you can create targetted content specifically for your site visitor .. and here’s the user agent from the translation tool by google …

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1) ,gzip(gfe) (via
The user agent may vary depend on the visitor browser but they always leave via behind the real user agent

I’m just wondering why does everyone think it’s cool to use Google as a proxy ? why they don’t just browse the internet like normal people do ? Well .. if it’s a protected site .. maybe it can be useful for you, but to browse normal site ? well .. if it’s for me i dont think it’s necessary because there are various reason for it .. except when used on filesharing site :D


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  1. Can somebody please help me find a fast and free anonymous firewall to get around my school firewall.

  2. Using google translation as proxy is an old coffee in a new pack, it used to work freely long back and was one of the secret weapon of offenders to get through to blocked sites. These days content blocking technology is very advanced and is capable of seamlessly blocking such attempts.

    In an event your organization or institution is still using the outdated content filters, google translation is still not recommended as the same reveals your public ip. Try to visit once without google translation and later with google translation and you will be amazed to see that it will return the same ip, which means in-spite of using google as proxy you are not able to hide your ip. A good internet proxy should hide your ip making your activities completely anonymous. Remember most of the people who might wish to use google translation as proxy are not looking for sharing internet among several machines but to browse a given site anonymously bypassing the content restriction as set forth by their network administrator/isp.


  3. hi
    im really confused as to how you use google translate as a proxy every time i have tried the system has blocked me. Is it just because im doing it wrong or because my college has an advenced system???