List of useful WordPress Plugins

Because i haven’t made a post about the recommended wordpress plugins to be used on a self hosted blog (because if you’re using account there’s no way you can use it), so i think this is the right time to post some of the most useful wordpress plugins .. okay here’s the list .. :

Note: I’ve tested all plugins listed here on WordPress 2.0.5 except for WP-Slimstat, and another note, i’m not using all of the plugins listed below here on my blog but i’ve tested them all on my private server *cough* i mean *cough* local server :P

Stats Tracking :

  • WP-Slimstat : One of my favorite stats tracking, before i switch into another stats tracking plugins, and provides various information such as referer, user agent, etc .. other than that this plugins is easy to use. Unfortunately this plugins hasn’t been updated for a long time, and if you’re looking for the next version of this plugin i suggest you to try WP-Slimstat EX
  • Firestats : Another great stats tracking plugin for wordpress, provide country list, referer, user agent, operating system used, etc and combined with AJAX .. use InnoDB if it’s enabled on your server or using MyISAM if InnoDB isn’t enabled on your server .. and can be used on other platform, php based site
  • WP-Useronline : Want to see who’s online at your blog ? then you should try this … plug n play compatible :P

Advertisement :

  • Ad Rotator Widget : Simple way to create random advertisement on your widget enabled theme
  • Adsense Injection : Another great plugin to display your adsense within your post
  • ALinks : This is the most useful plugin to automatically convert specific keyword on your blog into your affiliate link code, amazon, etc. also provides statistic

Spam Protection :

  • Akismet : Centralized spam database provide maximum protection against comment spammer .. but i think everyone already know about this :P beside they provide maximum compatibility with every wordpress release
  • Bad Behavior : Extreme protection for your blog against comment spammer, bad bot, automated hacking, etc … i suggest only use this plugin when you really need it
  • Email Immunizer : Protect your blog and your site visitors email address from email harvester bot by automatically change every mailto link into numeric character

Automatic Translation :

Must Have Plugins :

  • Widgets : The easiest way to put something on your sidebar such as text, images, etc. also this is a must have plugin if you want to use various wordpress widget
  • WP-Contact Form : I’m sure you don’t want to give your email address to everyone, beside by using contact form your blog looks a bit professional .. then you should try ContactForm on your blog … other option is by using Secure Form Mailer just in case you want something more
  • Admin Drop Down Menu : Save clicks on your administration panel with this plugin .. (i think wordpress should include features like this in the future)
  • Search Everything : With this plugin, the search function on your wordpress blog will be automatically enhanced so it can search on various area in your blog such as pages, comment, and so on

Optional Plugins :

  • UTW / Ultimate Tag Warrior : Tag your post / article / rant / etc easily by using this plugin, just like on free blog .. ;)
  • Google Sitemaps Plugin : Because not everyone really need this, i put it on optional plugin list .. by the way this plugin will automatically create Google Sitemap for your site (since 3.0b4 this plugin create sitemaps standard format)

Post Enhancement :

  • Ubernyms : This plugin will automatically create acronym / abbreviation, links, etc to a defined keyword .. this plugin act like Alinks with the exception this plugin can automatically encode frequentely used abbreviation / acronym on your blog post :) .. demo available on this blog .. lol
  • Sideblog : Create aside easily with this plugin .. that’s it …

Archives and Navigation :

  • Subtraction Style Archives : Create subtraction style archive easily .. if you want to see a demo, go to my archives page (i prefer this plugin rather than Clean Archives plugin because this plugin didn’t use to much query especially if you have large blog / post) other options are Clean Archives Reloaded and Extended Live Archive .. or browse the author of this plugin to see more archives plugin
  • WP-Pagenavi : Create paged navigation for your blog … demo available here on main page (if you come from search engine) at the bottom of the main page or you can see it directly on the plugin author page

Fun Stuff :

  • FlickrRSS : Although i’m not using it on my blog here, i’ve already test it on my local server .. (the reason i’m not using it here, because i don’t know where i should put it) .. :P .. ooh yeah .. you’ll need to know about css if you want to style it (if your current theme doesn’t have a built in support for this plugin)
  • Sociable : Description copied from the author site :

Social bookmarking sites allow websurfers to save, catalog, and share interesting pages they find online. The Sociable plugin appends links for your readers to use those sites to the end of each of your blog’s posts, increasing your potential audience

WordPress Fix :

  • No Self Ping : I think you’ve already seen that if you create link into your own blog post, you’ll get a ping from your own site .. and i think it’s useless to get ping from your own blog .. but it’s up to you

Phew .. i think that’s already enough for you … by the way i didn’t list SEO related plugins because i think it’s useless for you to use SEO plugin if you’re not using a SEO Friendly theme on your blog ;) .. Well .. that’s all for now, hopefully i didn’t miss anything :D


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  1. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  2. It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.

  3. Im sorry, i totally forget about SK2 .. lol .. thank you for reminding me about SK2 (well actually i have used it before, but akismet does the same job like SK2 too with the advantage that it require less configuration, but if its for me Akismet combined with Bad Behaviour stop 99% of the comment spam .. and that’s including blocking my own message / false positive .. lol) :-)

  4. How could you leave Spam Karma 2 out from the anti-spam plugins? It’s a wonderful plugin that has stopped over 2000 spam comments/trackbacks so far, and never let any one of them pass.